Coaches 2014-15 Season Athletics Directory
Eric Newman Head Coach (858) 534-8162 eMail Eric Newman
Rob Avila Assistant Coach (858) 822-0741 eMail Rob Avila
J.T. Bloodworth Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator (214) 762-9450 eMail J.T. Bloodworth
Cory Burleson Assistant Coach (858) 822-0741 eMail Cory Burleson
Nick La Face Assistant Coach (858) 822-0741 eMail Nick La Face
M Basketball
Eric Olen Head Coach (858) 534-8453 eMail Eric Olen
Clint Allard Associate Head Coach (858) 822-6553 eMail Clint Allard
Brendan Clowry Assistant Coach (858) 822-6553 eMail Brendan Clowry
Terry Ryan Assistant Coach (858) 822-6553 eMail Terry Ryan
W Basketball
Heidi VanDerveer Head Coach (858) 534-8441 eMail Heidi VanDerveer
Betsy Butterick Assistant Coach (858) 534-2035 eMail Betsy Butterick
Savannah Erskine Assistant Coach (858) 534-8441 eMail Savannah Erskine
Chelsea Carlisle Assistant Coach (858) 246-0750 eMail Chelsea Carlisle
M Crew
Zach Johnson Head Coach (858) 822-2671 eMail Zach Johnson
Jeff Collett Assistant Coach (858) 246-0728 eMail Jeff Collett
Kasey Benjamin Assistant Coach (858) 246-0728 eMail Kasey Benjamin
W Crew
Colin Truex Head Coach (858) 534-8452 eMail Colin Truex
Kimberly Dale Assistant Coach (858) 534-8452 eMail Kimberly Dale
Michelle Boyer Assistant Coach (858) 534-8452 eMail Michelle Boyer
Cross Country
Nate Garcia Head Coach (858) 534-0328 eMail Nate Garcia
Maija Hitchings Assistant Coach (858) 534-0328 eMail Maija Hitchings
Aaron Jacobsen Assistant Coach (858) 534-0328 eMail Aaron Jacobsen
Heidi Runyan Head Coach (858) 735-3544 eMail Heidi Runyan
Josh Runyan Assistant Coach (858) 735-0512 eMail Josh Runyan
M Golf
Jim Ragan Head Coach (858) 534-4211 eMail Jim Ragan
M Soccer
Jon Pascale Head Coach (858) 534-8165 eMail Jon Pascale
Ryan Hernandez Associate Head Coach (858) 534-8165 eMail Ryan Hernandez
Trent Painter Assistant Coach (858) 534-8165 eMail Trent Painter
Seth Trembly Assistant Coach
W Soccer
Brian McManus Head Coach (858) 534-8456 eMail Brian McManus
Kristin Jones Assistant Coach (858) 534-8456 eMail Kristin Jones
Trent Painter Assistant Coach (858) 534-8165 eMail Trent Painter
Robyn Bursch Team Manager
Patti Gerckens Head Coach (858) 534-8442 eMail Patti Gerckens
Jessica Millsap Associate Head Coach/Recruiting Coordinator (858) 534-8442 eMail Jessica Millsap
Kris Lesovsky Assistant Coach (858) 534-8442 eMail Kris Lesovsky
Camille Gaito Assistant Coach (858) 534-8442 eMail Camille Gaito
Swimming & Diving
Corrie Falcon Women's Head Coach (858) 534-8463 eMail Corrie Falcon
Daniel Perdew Interim Men's Head Coach (858) 534-8462 eMail Daniel Perdew
Marko Djordjevic Assistant Coach (858) 822-7569 eMail Marko Djordjevic
Michelle Casillas Diving Coach (858) 822-2910 eMail Michelle Casillas
Emmett Walling Assistant Coach (858) 822-7569 eMail Emmett Walling
Jamie Saffer Assistant Coach
M Tennis
Timmer Willing Head Coach (858) 534-8457 eMail Timmer Willing
Tavi Popaluca Assistant Coach (858) 534-8457 eMail Tavi Popaluca
W Tennis
Liz LaPlante Head Coach (858) 534-8455 eMail Liz LaPlante
Xavier Barajas Smith Assistant Coach (858) 534-8455 eMail Xavier Barajas Smith
Track & Field
Tony Salerno Men's Head Coach (858) 822-2833 eMail Tony Salerno
Darcy Ahner Women's Head Coach (858) 822-2833 eMail Darcy Ahner
Nate Garcia Assistant Coach (858) 534-0328 eMail Nate Garcia
Mick Gieskes Assistant Coach (858) 822-2833
Maija Hitchings Assistant Coach (858) 534-0328 eMail Maija Hitchings
Mike Kuoppamaki Assistant Coach
Linda Rainwater Assistant Coach
Danielle Thu Assistant Coach
Nick Howe Volunteer Assistant Coach
Stephanie LeFever Volunteer Assistant Coach
M Volleyball
Kevin Ring Head Coach (858) 534-8458 eMail Kevin Ring
Chris Webb Assistant Coach (858) 534-8458 eMail Chris Webb
Kyle Campana Assistant Coach (858) 534-8458 eMail Kyle Campana
JJ Van Niel Assistant Coach (858) 534-8458
W Volleyball
Ricci Luyties Head Coach (858) 534-8443 eMail Ricci Luyties
Sean Cahill Assistant Coach (858) 534-8443 eMail Sean Cahill
Karly Deer Assistant Coach (858) 534-8443 eMail Karly Deer
M Water Polo
Denny Harper Head Coach (858) 534-6037 eMail Denny Harper
Matt Ustaszewski Associate Head Coach (858) 531-4082 eMail Matt Ustaszewski
Glenn Busch Assistant Coach (858) 534-6037 eMail Glenn Busch
Layne Beaubien Volunteer Assistant Coach
W Water Polo
Brad Kreutzkamp Head Coach (858) 822-3578 eMail Brad Kreutzkamp
Jenna Williamson Associate Head Coach (858) 822-2910 eMail Jenna Williamson
Glenn Busch Assistant Coach (858) 534-6037 eMail Glenn Busch

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Monday, October 20
M Golf at Day One
All Day
Tuesday, October 21
M Golf at Day Two
All Day
Friday, October 24
W Tennis at Cal State Northridge Tournament
All Day
W Soccer at Sonoma State
12:30 PM
Rohnert Park
M Soccer at Sonoma State
3:00 PM
Rohnert Park
W Volleyball at Cal State Dominguez Hills
7:00 PM
Saturday, October 25
Cross Country vs. Triton Classic
9:00 AM
UC San Diego
Swimming & Diving vs. Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
12:00 PM
UC San Diego
M Water Polo at Loyola Marymount
1:00 PM
Los Angeles
W Volleyball at Cal State L.A.
7:00 PM
Los Angeles
Sunday, October 26
W Crew vs. Row for the Cure
6:00 AM
Mission Bay
M Crew vs. Row for the Cure
7:30 AM
Mission Bay
Fencing at San Diego Open
9:00 AM
San Diego (Cathedral Catholic HS)
W Soccer at Humboldt State
11:30 AM
M Soccer at Humboldt State
2:00 PM
2014 NCAA MWP Champs (mid-ad)
Birch Aquarium (mid-ad)