UCSD Cheerleaders:
The team is an all-girl competition team, and is composed of a 20-25 persons. The number of males and females on the team varies from year to year. Members perform elite cheerleading skills in stunting, tumbling, jumping, and dancing. UCSD Cheer represents the University at regional and national competitive collegiate cheerleading competitions. We cheer for Men’s Water polo, Men’s Soccer, Women’s Volleyball, Men’s & Women’s Basketball and various other school sports. We also attend many community service events and do a lot of fundraising and charity work.

Does UCSD offer scholarships?
No scholarships are presently offered. Adidas generously sponsors some apparel and footwear associated with cheering at UC San Diego.

Who are we looking for?
The UCSD Cheer Team is looking for new members for the 2015-2016 season. Have fun while supporting UCSD Athletics, make new friends while being a part of a skilled/hardworking team and refine/master new skills in one of the most challenging sports there is.

Why cheer in college?
Cheerleading in college is a great way to meet new people and make life long friends. You also get access to UCSD sporting events, travel opportunities, and sponsorships from Adidas.

UCSD Cheer time commitment:

One is expected to attend all practice, 2 weekly team workouts (strength and conditioning), games and appearances.  Winter quarter is an extremely busy quarter due to competition and basketball games.

Practices will be, but not limited to:

Sunday:                                  5:00-8:00pm
Monday or Tuesday:              6:30-9:00am
Wednesday or Thursday:       6:30-9:00am

Can freshmen tryout?
Yes, incoming freshmen are encouraged to tryout (Video tryouts are accepted for those out of state for Spring tryouts only).

Can male’s tryout?
We strongly encourage all athletes to come to the tryouts.


Tryout requirements:
The team is open to both males and females

REQUIREMENTS: While we do not have strict requirements, we do have some suggestions for what we are looking for.

  • Must be an enrolled UCSD student
  • Able and willing to commit to the determined practice schedule, games and special events.
  • TUMBLING: As far as tumbling goes we have and are taking girls with a wide range of skills, however I would recommend having at least a back handspring. Basically the more skills you have, the bigger advantage you have over other people trying out. While a back handspring is generally the minimum, it is not required, so I would still recommend coming and trying out.
    • FLYERS: Flexibility and technique! Scales, scorpions, stretches, etc… At least a single down from everything, if not a double, or at least working on a double.
    • BASES AND BACKS: Basically, strength and technique. We stunt "partner style" which means the main base is directly under the flyer (similar to co-ed stunting). It is not necessary that you come into it knowing how to stunt this way, but that you can learn and pick up quickly. We also need strong basket tosses.
    • MALES: Must be capable of co-ed stunting. It is not necessary that you come into it knowing how to stunt this way, but that you can learn and pick up quickly.


Tryout Information:
Please fill out an application prior to the tryout. Click here for application

We are looking for dedicated UCSD students with Cheer, Dance, and/or Tumbling experience.

Tryouts will be held September 26-27. Tryout consist of a workshop, the 26th, where you will learn a dance, and cheer as well as work on stunting, jumping and tumbling, and possibly some short interviews. Sunday the 27th is the actual day of tryouts, which will be held at 4:30 pm. There will be a meeting and possible fitting after tryouts, please be prepared to give $150 for a uniform deposit. Tryouts and workshops will be held in RIMAC. Maps of the campus and directions can be found on the UCSD website. For up to date Tryout information please visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/UCSD-Cheer-Team/118926478208212

Tryouts are September 26-27
What to bring:
* $20 addition fee

*Application with a current picture
* Appropriate clothes and shoes
* Water and snacks

Tentative Schedule:                
Saturday          9:30 am-2:00 pm Workshop w/ lunch break
Sunday            4:3 0 pm Tryout followed by a uniform fitting and practice

Important things to know:
* Cheer is a huge time commitment, we will be practicing 3 times a week, with additional group workouts and tumbling practice, plus weekly school events, basketball games in the winter quarter, fundraisers and competition.
*Cheer is costly; we do plan on fundraising as much as possible. Uniforms cost between $500-$700, which includes 2 liner, full shell, crop top, skirt, briefs, poms, team polo, shoes, warm-ups, and a backpack. There may be additional costs such as practice gear, but the majority of practice gear comes from the cheer account. Please do not let cost discourage you from trying out, we can work on a payment pay if necessary.

If you cannot make tryouts you must email Coach Massey dimassey@ucsd.edu, and discuss video tryouts submission, there are specific requirements.  Tryout videos are due April 20.

Cheer Roster 2015-16

Captain Alice Cisneros

Alondra Lopez-Barajas

Andrea McDermott

Brook Haro

Candice Heinze

Cary Grant

Christine Wang

Katherine Mattea

Kristen Rossi

Maya Shimamura

Monique Gonzalez

Nadia Aboujawdah

Substhrs Raj

Theresa Riley

Vinnie Chen

Cheer Coach
Dezarae Massey is a former competitive collegiate cheerleader at the University of California, Santa Barbara and high school cheerleading coach. After receiving her undergraduate degree in Mathematics at UCSB, she went on to continue her education at the University of Phoenix, where she received her master’s in Secondary Education and her teaching credential. She is currently a mathematics teacher at the secondary level. As you can see she has a true passion for teaching, whether it may be mathematics or cheerleading.

If you would like to get in contact with Coach Massey please email her at dimassey@ucsd.edu.

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