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What has been your favorite moment so far in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games?

Brian McManus

Head Coach                         Women's Soccer

Edinburgh, Scotland

The women's semi-final soccer game against Canada. It was a big moment for the U.S. team. The comeback win was huge - to have lost there could have set the program back a long way.

Heidi VanDerveer

Head Coach                  Women's Basketball

Chautauqua, NY           Graduate of College of Charleston          

I love the track & field, swimming, diving, and of course basketball, but really love the energy of everything. I was in Beijing four years ago with the U.S. Basketball team when they won the gold medal and knowing how much work that's put in to be able to say you're the best in the world is really cool.



Alex Merrill

Swimming                              Junior

Surfside, CA                           Los Alamitos HS                        Undeclared (Roosevelt)

The Women's Water Polo team winning its first gold medal. Back home, the national team trains at the same pool I do so I see a lot of them throughout the year. It was awesome to watch them be so successful.

I also liked watching the rivalry between (Michael) Phelps and (Ryan) Lochte. I've met them both but don't reall favor either side. I just think it's definitely good for our sport because it brings in a lot of viewers.



Kristin Jones

Assistant Coach                       Women's Soccer                                 

Oceanside, CA                          Graduate of UC San Diego

Misty May and Kerry Walsh winning their third straight gold medal. The back stories were great - Misty coming out of retirement and recovering from a major injury and Kerry having to drop her new partner to pair up with Misty again. It was awesome that the gold medal match had both American teams to continue our domination of beach volleyball.