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What's the favorite class you've ever taken at UCSD?



Women's Soccer                        Senior

Santa Ana, CA (Mater Dei HS)                                                Communications (Sixth) 

"MGT 16 - Personal Ethics at Work was my favorite class because it was basically about how to be a good person and do the right thing in the workplace, so it seemed to be the most relevant to real life after college."



Women's Crew                        Junior

Thousand Oaks, CA (Thousand Oaks HS)                                    Human Biology (Revelle)


"My favorite class was Public Speaking (TDGE 25) because it was something really different and challenging. Also, I could use all of the new skills I learned in everyday life."




Men's Basketball                        Senior

Santa Clarita, CA  (Northfield Mt. Hermon HS)                        Economics (Revelle)

"Humanities (HUM 5) with William O'Brien. He was so passionate and very unique. Every class was quite the experience listening to him lecture."



Women's Water Polo            Junior

Riverside, CA (Riverside Poly HS)                                                Communications (Warren)


"My favorite class at UCSD was probably a public speaking class, TDGE 25. I got experience from this course that will help me in the future and hopefully the field I will be working in."




Cross Country                                    Senior

Torrance, CA (West Torrance HS)                                                Chemistry (Revelle)

"That's a hard one. I've had some really good ones. I guess I'd have to say either Chem 100-A, which is an analytical chem lab or my O-Chem Lab class. You do things like extract caffeine from a tea bag-where start with a tea bag and end up with powder. It's really cool."