Cal-Nevada Track & Field Championships 2013 Entry Information
Release: Wednesday 03/06/2013 



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Indoor and outdoor marks achieved during the month of January, February, and March may be used for entry into the Cal-Nevada Championship. The Cal/Nevada performance list will be managed through DirectAthletics. Only marks reported electronically through the DirectAthletics/TFRRS system will appear on the Cal-Nevada list. A link to the Cal-Nevada list will appear on the Flashresults-West site also. As mentioned previously, it will be the responsibility of individual coaches to ensure that meets they attend and sponsor report marks electronically to DirectAthletics and/or the TFRRS system.

  • A descending order list will be used for all events. 
  • Thirty-six (36) athletes will be allowed to compete in track events. 
  • Twenty-seven (27) athletes will be allowed in the field events.
  • The 1500 will be run as seeded two-section final. Athletes entered as "Right-of-entry" with "no-time" will be seeded in to the slower section of two section finals for the 1500. Converted mile times can be used for entry in to the 1500 this year.
  • The Steeplechase will be run as a final seeded by the games committee using steeplechase marks from 2012 as well as 2013. The field size for the final section for the steeplechase will be limited to 18 competitors for safety reasons this year due to the configuration of our track. If an additional section of the steeplechase is needed, that section will be run at the start of the meet on the final day as indicated in the schedule.
  • Unlimited entries are permitted in the Steeplechase, 5000 and 10000 - Athletes may be entered in the Steeplechase, 5000 and 10000 as "no-time" without using a right-of-entry.
  • Each men's and women's program at each school will be allowed four (4) "right-of-entry" into the meet.  The right-of-entry cannot be used to enter more than one person into any one event but may be used to enter one person in four separate events. For the Steeplechase, 5000 and 10000 all entries will be accepted. You do not need to use a right-of-entry in those events.

It is acknowledged that the right-of-entry will have an impact on the descending order list.  It is up to you to use these wisely.  All right-of-entries will be added to the top of the descending order list.  For example:  if there are 6 right-of-entry athletes in the men's 100m, then the top 30 times on the declared descending order list will also advance into the meet.

Those teams using right-of-entry will use the performance list to help make final entry and right-of-entry decisions.


Entries and deadlines

Monday, February 25

  • The Cal-Nevada list will appear on DirectAthletics and Flash Results West

Monday, March 25

  • 5:00 p.m. - Declarations/Entries due by on DirectAthletics
  • 5:00 p.m. - Right-of-Entries due to Don Chadez at

Tuesday, March 26

  • 5:00 p.m. - All scratches due to

Tuesday, March 26

Entry Fees:

  • No entry fee for schools located more the 100 miles from UC San Diego
  • $10 per athlete per event for schools located within 100 miles of UC San Diego



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