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OBJECTIVE:  To have a friendly competition among the six colleges centered around the Jan. 24 UCSD basketball doubleheader vs. Cal State Dominguez Hills at RIMAC Arena. The women's game tips off at 5:30 PM followed by the men at 7:30 PM.

There will be six events/competitions in which the colleges will be awarded points according to their performance. The college with the most overall points will win the Spirit Night Trophy (Cup of Cheer) which will be presented following the men's basketball game. The focus is on bringing all of the colleges together as one-in support of UC San Diego.


SPIRIT NIGHT GAME ATTENDANCE - A computerized (card swipe) attendance count for each college will be set up in the RIMAC Arena lobby. At 6:00 PM, a preliminary count will be made and those in attendance at that time will be multiplied by 1.5. A second count will take place at 7:30 PM and those arriving between those two times will count as one.

COLLEGE DECORATING - Each college will decorate a selected portion of its area. Judges will rank taking into account use of UCSD colors/logos and originality.

CHEER OFF - Each of the six colleges will organize a UCSD cheer of approximately 30 seconds. they will be performed between the women's and men's basketball games. Judges will rank the cheers based onb originality, presentation, and overall participation.

COLLEGE BANNER - Each college will decorate/create a banner that supports Triton Athletics. This banner will be provided by ICA and the school colors of blue & gold must be used. The banners will be judged using similar criteria as those used for College Decorating.

HALFTIME CONTEST - The traditional halftime competition of "basketball musical chairs" will feature one contestant from each college (college designates). There will be contests at the half of both women's and men's games. Point breakdowns will be awarded for both contests with the final order of finish determined by the combined point totals. A female needs to be chosen for the women's game and a male for the men's game.




For Game Attendance,  points will be awarded as follows:

                        1st place    12 points              4th place    6 points

                        2nd place    10 points              5th place    4 points

                        3rd place    8 points              6th place    2 points


For College Decorating, Tailgating/Facepainting, Cheer Off, College Banner and Halftime Contest, points will be awarded as follows:

                        1st place    6 points              4th place    3 points

                        2nd place    5 points              5th place    2 points

                        3rd place    4 points              6th place    1 point


Notes---Points may be deducted for negative cheers, signs, etc.; if a college does not participate in a particular event, no points will be awarded. Non-partisan judges will be appointed for each competition by the UCSD Athletic Dept.


*  Post-Game Fireworks Show               *  Spirit Night Raffle (10-plus prizes)