Photo by: UCSD
The winning Second Varsity 8 crew.
Second Varsity 8 Wins Grand Final at WIRA Championships
Release: Sunday 05/01/2016 

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. - With a win in the Second Varsity 8 grand final, the University of California San Diego women's rowing team wrapped up action at the Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association (WIRA) Championships Sunday on Lake Natoma.

UC San Diego's 2V8 crew led wire-to-wire and recorded a winning time of 7:10.8, just over three seconds faster than second-place UC Santa Barbara. NCAA Division II West Region rival Western Washington placed third and was followed by Pacific Lutheran, Puget Sound and Lewis & Clark.

The Tritons' Varsity 4 also turned in a solid grand final performance, finishing second with a time of 7:57.1. Western Washington won the race in 7:50.0. UCSD battled all the way down the course, but WWU pulled away in the final 500 meters. Oregon was third, UC Irvine placed fourth, UC Davis took fifth and UC Santa Barbara was sixth.

UCSD's Varsity 8 crew placed second in its morning heat race to advance to the grand final, where the Tritons finished sixth with a time of 7:13.9. Western Washington took the win in 6:54.0 and was trailed by Orange Coast College in second, UC Santa Barbara in third, Pacific Lutheran in fourth, Humboldt State in fifth and the Tritons in sixth.

Earlier in the day, the Tritons recorded a 6:59.4 to place second behind UC Santa Barbara (6:51.0) in their V8 heat race. Willamette was third and Mills took fourth.

In the Novice 8 grand final, UCSD was seventh in 7:46.7. Stanford won in 7:05.9.

Following a week away from competition, UC San Diego travels cross-country to take part in the Dad Vail Championships, May 13-14 in Philadelphia.

Sunday Results
Varsity 8 Heat 2
1. UC Santa Barbara 6:51.0
2. UC San Diego 6:59.4
3. Willamette 7:14.0
4. Mills 7:24.6

Varsity 4 Grand Final
1. Western Washington 7:50.0
2. UC San Diego 7:57.1
3. Oregon 7:59.9
4. UC Irvine 8:02.5
5. UC Davis 8:14.4
6. UC Santa Barbara 8:40.7

Novice 8 Grand Final
1. Stanford 7:05.9
2. University of San Diego 7:16.9
3. San Diego State 7:25.2
4. Sacramento State 7:31.6
5. UC Santa Barbara 7:35.1
6. Orange Coast College 7:36.3
7. UC San Diego 7:46.7

Second Varsity 8 Grand Final
1. UC San Diego 7:10.8
2. UC Santa Barbara 7:13.9
3. Western Washington 7:14.4
4. Pacific Lutheran 7:20.3
5. Puget Sound 7:22.1
6. Lewis & Clark 7:34.1

Varsity 8 Grand Final
1. Western Washington 6:54.0
2. Orange Coast College 6:56.1
3. UC Santa Barbara 6:58.6
4. Pacific Lutheran 7:02.6
5. Humboldt State 7:04.8
6. UC San Diego 7:13.9

Boat Lineups
Varsity 8: Juliana Burns (cox), Madeleine Wagner, Jordan Levy, Alana Zaleski, Tonya Khounani, Amber Harris, Nicole Hammonds, Olivia Koyama, Kayla Larot

Second Varsity 8: Nicky Muehlhauser (cox), Shruti Kamath, Sarah Moore, Jennifer Dutton, Jaida Aikens, Courtney Breslow, Lauren Iannetta, Sierra Colvin, Juliane Smith

Novice 8: Marie Kawahara (cox), Malia Mizuno, Isabela Martinez, Stephanie Solomon, Amanda Guilardi, Guinevere Keller, Evelyn Brady, Lea Martin, Maddie Juskie

Varsity 4: Tori Wong (cox), Catherine Mosher, Dora Klein, Brooke Campbell, Sydney McGuire

Novice 4: Carline Hua (cox), Delaney Davey, Serina Babcock, Irene Yu, Nina Lundblad


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