Photo by: UCSD
Mitchell Shulman (left) and David Hadler squared off in mixed foil Sunday.
Tritons Sweep Top Spots at San Diego Open
Release: Sunday 10/30/2016 

SAN DIEGO - The University of California San Diego fencing team got its season started on a high note Sunday, sweeping all four San Diego Open events at Cathedral Catholic High School.

In mixed saber, UC San Diego went 1-2-3 with Thejas Gulati taking the victory, Evan George placing second and freshman Matthew Misogas tying for third. Lillian Chu was the top female finisher for the Tritons, placing eighth.

David Hadler earned the win in mixed foil. Freshman Dillon Cooke and Mitchell Shulman tied for third, while freshman Caitlyn Callaghan was ninth.

The mixed epee event was won by Sean Callaghan. Alex Okamoto tied for third.

In the lone single-gender discipline, freshman Taly Yukelson took the top spot in women's epee. Classmate Amelia Harrison tied for third.

UC San Diego hosts its annual BladeRunner tournament Nov. 5-6 at RIMAC Arena. Saturday's action gets underway at 9 a.m., while Sunday's events start at 8 a.m.

Mixed Epee (46 competitors)
1. Sean Callaghan, UCSD
2. Hugo De Bernardo, MFA
T-3. Alex Okamoto, UCSD
T-3. Benjamin Riviere, unattached
9. Scott Phillips, UCSD
14. Paul Datta, UCSD
28. Brandon Chan, UCSD

Mixed Foil (29 competitors)
1. David Hadler, UCSD
2. Maxwell Yee, LAIFC
T-3. Dillon Cooke, UCSD
T-3. Mitchell Shulman, UCSD
5. Brian Howard, UCSD
7. Zuhril Megat Zariman, UCSD
9. Caitlyn Callaghan, UCSD
10. Warren Chen, UCSD
11. Sophia Holmqvist, UCSD
12. Erica Ho, UCSD
19. Karen Chiem, UCSD
24. Isabella Franco, UCSD
26. Monique Zhou, UCSD

Mixed Saber (28 competitors)
1. Thejas Gulati, UCSD
2. Evan George, UCSD
T-3. Marc Mendoza, SDFC
T-3. Matthew Misogas, UCSD
6. Alexandre Leonelli, UCSD
8. Lillian Chu, UCSD
11. Taylor Walsh, UCSD
16. Charlotte Stender, UCSD
25. Mary Gillcrist, UCSD

Women's Epee (14 competitors)
1. Taly Yukelson, UCSD
2. Janet Marsh, No Fear
T-3. Emily Cabral, No Fear
T-3. Amelia Harrison, UCSD
6. Michelle Caplin, UCSD
7. Christine Drake-Thomas, UCSD
13. Avery Coble, UCSD


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