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Tritons Turn In Strong Results at 21st Annual BladeRunner
Release: Sunday 11/06/2016 

LA JOLLA, Calif. - The University of California San Diego fencing team turned in solid results as it hosted the 21st annual BladeRunner tournament Saturday and Sunday at RIMAC Arena on the La Jolla campus. The men produced seven podium finishes, while the women had four.

In Senior Men's Saber, the Tritons went 1-2 as freshman Matthew Misogas topped the 58-competitor field and classmate Alexandre Leonelli (San Diego/Canyon Crest Academy) was second. Misogas also tied for third in Junior Men's Saber.

It was a similar story in Junior Men's Foil as freshman Misheel Boldbaatar won and Dillon Cooke (El Cajon/West Hills HS), another freshman, placed second. Junior David Hadler tied for third in Senior Men's Foil.

UCSD's best finish in epee came in the form of a second-place showing by senior Sean Callaghan in the Senior Men's division, which featured 107 entrants. 

Sophomore Lillian Chu led the Triton women with a pair of podiums. She won the Junior Women's Saber and placed second in Senior Women's Saber.

Senior Taylor Walsh (Carlsbad/Cathedral Catholic HS) tied for third in Senior Women's Saber, while freshman Caitlyn Callaghan tied for third in Junior Women's Foil.

The Tritons' top finisher in Senior Women's Foil was junior Sophia Holmqvist in eighth. Sophomore Christine Drake-Thomas was eighth in Senior Women's Epee and freshman Amelia Harrison took eighth in Junior Women's Epee.

BladeRunner is a USA Fencing Regional Open and Regional Junior Qualifier.

UC San Diego breaks from competition until the new year when it competes at the North American Cup, Jan. 6-9 at Ohio State University.

Senior Men's Epee
(107 competitors)
1. Kyle Yamasaki, EBFG/SLHFC
2. Sean Callaghan, UCSD
T-3. Alex Soderberg, Team Touche
T-3. Ziad Khayat, Metro Tacoma
41. Paul Datta, UCSD
48. Scott Phillips, UCSD
79. Alex Okamoto, UCSD
94. Brandon Chan, UCSD

Junior Men's Epee (71 competitors)
1. Ziad Khayat, EBFG
2. Aaron Lee, BB-FC
T-3. Zach Kravitz, LAIFC
T-3. Simon Chanezon, Gold Gate
25. Scott Phillips, UCSD

Senior Men's Foil (57 competitors)
1. Nick Itkin, LAIFC
2. Lucas Orts, M Team
T-3. Joseph Choo, NWFC
T-3. David Hadler, UCSD
5. Mitchell Shulman, UCSD
6. Brian Howard, UCSD
7. Zuhril Megat Zariman, UCSD
17. Dillon Cooke, UCSD
24. Misheel Boldbaatar, UCSD
38. Warren Chen, UCSD

Junior Men's Foil (45 competitors)
1. Misheel Boldbaatar, UCSD
2. Dillon Cooke, UCSD
T-3. Cameron Bermender, North Bay FA
T-3. Joseph Choo, NWFC
21. Brian Howard, UCSD

Senior Men's Saber (58 competitors)
1. Matthew Misogas, UCSD
2. Alexandre Leonelli, UCSD
T-3. Pepe Serrahima, UCIFC
T-3. Ethan Mullennix, HLBRSDT
11. Thejas Gulati, UCSD
15. Evan George, UCSD

Junior Men's Saber (58 competitors)
1. Jared Smith, AGFC
2. Gerardo Flores, HLBRSDT
T-3. Matthew Misogas, UCSD
T-3. James Linder, FC-AZ
11. Evan George, UCSD
29. Alexandre Leonelli, UCSD

Senior Women's Epee
(51 competitors)
1. Anya Harkness, AFM
2. Janet Marsh, No Fear
T-3. Cosima Martus, NORCOLO
T-3. Anastasia Vlassova, Touche
8. Christine Drake-Thomas, UCSD
10. Taly Yukelson, UCSD
12. Katie Hallsten, UCSD
20. Aditi Soin, UCSD
23. Amelia Harrison, UCSD
29. Avery Coble, UCSD
43. Michelle Caplin, UCSD

Junior Women's Epee (39 competitors)
1. Anya Harkness, AFM
2. Irene Yeu, Swords
T-3. Emily Cabral, No Fear
T-3. Emily Beihold, Swords
8. Amelia Harrison, UCSD
10. Taly Yukelson, UCSD
14. Avery Coble, UCSD
15. Christine Drake-Thomas, UCSD
18. Michelle Caplin, UCSD
33. Aditi Soin, UCSD

Senior Women's Foil (40 compeititors)
1. Madeleine Nishimura, M Team
2. Alyssa Chen, LAIFC
T-3. Karina Yaroshenko, LAIFC
T-3. Alexandra Brondum, Anaheim Hills Fencers
8. Sophia Holmqvist, UCSD
13. Caitlyn Callaghan, UCSD
28. Erica Ho, UCSD
29. Monique Zhou, UCSD
30. Karen Chiem, UCSD
32. Isabella Franco, UCSD

Junior Women's Foil (37 competitors)
1. Genevieve Clarke, CFA
2. Sydnee Lau, M Team
T-3. Caitlyn Callaghan, UCSD
T-3. Erika Wong, M Team
8. Monique Zhou, UCSD
31. Karen Chiem, UCSD

Senior Women's Saber (42 competitors)
1. Robyn Song, Laguna FC
2. Lillian Chu, UCSD
T-3. Taylor Walsh, UCSD
T-3. Francesca Fedorovsky, AGFC
23. Charlotte Stender, UCSD
41. Mary Gillcrist, UCSD

Junior Women's Saber (39 competitors)
1. Lillian Chu, UCSD
2. Aleksandra Strzalkowksi, FA Denver
T-3. Francesca Fedorovsky, AGFC
T-3. Anneke Zegers, PFA


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