Photo by: Ken Grosse/UCSD Athletics
The Varsity 8 crew will row in the Cal Cup Grand Final Sunday.
UCSD Advances Four Boats to Grand Final Races at San Diego Crew Classic
Release: Saturday 04/01/2017 

SAN DIEGO - The University of California San Diego men's and women's rowing teams turned in several outstanding performances Saturday at the 44th San Diego Crew Classic on Mission Bay, advancing four boats to Grand Final races on Sunday.

The Triton women will have two Varsity 8 crews as well as a Novice 8 boat in Grand Final races, while the men will compete in the Varsity 8 Cal Cup Grand Final.

In the very first race of the 2017 Crew Classic Saturday morning, UC San Diego's men won their Varsity 8 Cal Cup heat with a time of 6:13.90 to punch their ticket to the Grand Final. The Tritons were almost four seconds ahead of second-place Grand Valley (6:17.43). Gonzaga was third, Cal Maritime placed fourth and Long Beach State was fifth.

UCSD will go up against Orange Coast College, Santa Clara, British Columbia, UC Davis, San Diego, Notre Dame and Grand Valley in the Varsity 8 Cal Cup Grand Final Sunday at 10:08 a.m.

In the women's DII/DIII/Club Varsity 8 event, UCSD's top boat won its heat in 7:01.04, while the Tritons' "B" crew placed third in 7:16.69, both qualifying for the Grand Final. Grand Valley was second, Orange Coast College was fourth, UC Davis took fifth, Chapman was sixth and Long Beach State rounded out the heat in seventh.

Sunday's Varsity 8 Grand Final starts at 9:12 a.m. The Tritons will row against Western Washington, Grand Valley, Humboldt State, Purdue, Orange Coast College and Humboldt State "B".

The women's Novice 8 crew finished second in its four-boat heat with a time of 8:12.52 to advance to the Grand Final. OCC won the heat in 7:45.30, while UC Santa Barbara was third and Southern Oregon "B" took fourth.

Sunday's Grand Final, which starts at 11:32 a.m., will see the Tritons take on UC Davis, Orange Coast College, Humboldt State, Colorado and UC Santa Barbara.

Back on the men's side, UCSD's Second Varsity 8 was fourth in its heat with a time of 6:12.79 and will compete in the Petite Final Sunday. Stanford won the heat in 6:02.84.

The men's Novice 8 crew placed third in its morning heat race and went on to finish second in the afternoon Petite Final, recording a time of 6:52.70. UC Santa Barbara won the Petite in 6:47.91.

The Tritons will also have two crews racing in final-only events Sunday including a Men's Third Varsity 8 and a Women's Varsity 4.

All of Sunday's action can be followed by live video and live results.

Varsity 8 Cal Cup Heat A
1. UC San Diego 6:13.90 (to Grand Final)
2. Grand Valley 6:17.43
3. Gonzaga 6:28.00
4. Cal Maritime 6:31.49
5. Long Beach State 6:59.33

Second Varsity 8 Cabrillo Cup Heat C
1. Stanford 6:02.84
2. Michigan RA 6:05.85
3. San Diego 6:09.98
4. UC San Diego 6:12.79 (to Petite Final)
5. Colorado 6:39.54

Novice 8 Derek Guelker Memorial Cup Heat C
1. Stanford 6:16.33
2. Orange Coast College 6:23.22
3. UC San Diego 6:41.66 (to Petite Final)
4. UC Davis 6:47.41
5. Colorado 6:59.28

Novice 8 Derek Guelker Memorial Cup Petite Final
1. UC Santa Barbara 6:47.91
2. UC San Diego 6:52.70
3. Arizona State 6:57.08
4. UC Davis 6:57. 35
5. UCLA 7:02.56
6. USC 7:19.95 


Varsity 8 DII/DIII/Club Heat B
1. UC San Diego 7:01.04 (to Grand Final)
2. Grand Valley 7:04.56
3. UC San Diego "B" 7:16.69 (to Grand Final)
4. Orange Coast College 7:16.72
5. UC Davis 7:20.49
6. Chapman 7:51.72
7. Long Beach State 8:18.93

Novice 8 DII/DIII/Club Heat A
1. Orange Coast College 7:45.30
2. UC San Diego 8:12.52 (to Grand Final)
3. UC Santa Barbara 8:19.38
4. Southern Oregon "B" 8:35.96


Second Varsity 8 Cabrillo Cup Petite Final - 8:48 a.m.
1. San Diego
2. UC Santa  Barbara
3. Orange Coast College
4. UC San Diego
5. Notre Dame
6. UCLA 

Third Varsity 8 (final only) - 9:20 a.m.
1. California
2. Santa Clara
3. UC San Diego
4. UC Santa Barbara

Varsity 8 Cal Cup Grand Final - 10:08 a.m.
1. Orange Coast College
2. Santa Clara
3. British Columbia
4. UC San Diego
5. UC Davis
6. San Diego
7. Notre Dame
8. Grand Valley


Varsity 8 DII/DIII/Club Grand Final - 9:12 a.m.
 UC San Diego
2. Western Washington
3. Grand Valley
4. Humboldt State
5. UC San Diego "B"
6. Purdue
7. Orange Coast College
8. Humboldt State "B"

Varsity 4 DII/DIII/Club (final only) - 11:16 a.m.

1. Western Washington
2. Humboldt State
3. Purdue
4. UC San Diego
5. Long Beach State
6. UC Davis
7. California LW
8. Colorado

Novice 8 DII/DIII/Club Grand Final - 11:32 a.m.
1. UC Davis
2. Orange Coast College
3. Humboldt State
4. UC San Diego
5. Colorado
6. UC Santa Barbara


Varsity 8: coxswain Isa Batki, Hank Wong, Alec Petty, Sean Reynolds, Jason Germain, Gibb Anella, Tynan Rodger, Steven Bolton, Micah Adelsohn
Second Varsity 8: coxswain Lily Ouyang, Kenneth Padden, Ryan Newbury, Daniel Mahan, Matt Thalken, Greg Coffman, Gabriel Lane, Carson West, Keith Mielke
Third Varsity 8: coxswain Rina Patel, Michael Landheer, Adrian Dinescu, Nick Baltar, Bryan Brennan, Victor De Cos, Andy Marshall, Kevin Chang, Sean Reynolds
Novice 8: coxswain Mark Ash, Alexei Sebald, Anthony Morrell, Evan Krause, Liam McDonough, William Stock, Andrew Shin, Mathias Tucunduva, Garrett Locher


Varsity 8: coxswain Marie Kawahara, Brooke Campbell, Jordan Levy, Alana Zaleski, Evelyn Brady, Tonya Khounani, Sydney McGuire, Catherine Mosher, Nicole Hammonds
Varsity 8 "B": coxswain Amber Go, Stephanie Solomon, Lauren Iannetta, Madeleine Wagner, Jaida Aikens, Amber Harris, Audrey Ruttan, Malia Mizuno, Sierra Colvin
Novice 8: coxswain Larissa Morse, Caitlin Tribelhorn, Melanie Jaffe, Michelle Keung, Natalie Davoodi, Jessica Davis, Julia Madura, Jane Zanteson, Allison Patacsil
Varsity 4: coxswain Ryann Corpuz, Storrey Lance, Sarah Moore, Jennifer Dutton, Isabela Martinez 


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