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UC San Diego Director of Athletics Earl W. Edwards

Ask the AD - April 23, 2018


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April 23, 2018
Can you tell us about the upcoming enhancements to RIMAC Arena?

A: There are six parts to the upcoming enhancements, which are scheduled to begin in June of 2018 and projected to be completed in early September of 2018. Not only will these enhancements benefit Athletics, but they will also be used for special events, concerts, graduations, intramurals, and group functions.

Enhancements include:

  • A new video board to enhance spectator experience that will be one of the largest collegiate video boards in the country. It will run the width of the basketball court as it will be 50 feet long by 15 feet high. This will provide spectators great on-court action, fan cams, replays, and other video entertainment, increasing overall fan engagement at all events.
  • New seating with the aisles being realigned for center court seating. The seating will be in a horseshoe shape with the new video board running the width of the south end of the court.
  • Dynamic interior graphics with high-impact and high-energy content will be displayed throughout the arena, which will create a more visible and engaging venue.
  • The Skybox will be doubled in size. The expansion will allow more opportunities for receptions with increased viewing areas. The addition of a production studio will allow us to broadcast high quality live events and by 2020 all events will be on ESPN3 or other networks.
  • Portable baskets, as found in most professional and DI arenas, will be utilized, eliminating any obstructed views of the video board.
  • The scorer's table will also be a video board, providing more options for community and campus engagement during events.

The RIMAC Arena enhancements are a great way to start off the Fall 2018 season and showcase our upcoming move to the Big West Conference.


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