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Tritons Earn Two Wins, Place Second in Varsity 8 at Sacramento State Invite


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SACRAMENTO - The Varsity 8 placed second and two other crews earned wins as the University of California San Dieo women's rowing team competed at the Sacramento State Invitational Saturday morning on Lake Natoma.

In the V8 race, the Tritons crossed the finish line with a time of 6:51.9 on the 2000-meter course. They were just over six seconds behind Sac State, which recorded a winning time of 6:45.4. Portland was less than a second behind UC San Diego in 6:52.7. St. Mary's (7:00.4) was fourth, West Region rival Humboldt State (7:01.4) placed fifth, and Mills (7:32.9) was sixth.

The Tritons' V8 has placed second for two-straight weeks as it finished behind UC Santa Barbara at the season-opening UC Challenge Cup in Newport Beach on March 3.

UCSD's wins came in the Second Varsity 4 and Novice 4 events.

The 2V4 boat was well in front of its competition, finishing in 8:03.0. Humboldt State was second in 8:06.9, Portland (8:07.8) was third, and Humboldt's "B" crew (8:27.1) was fourth.

It was the same story in the Novice 4, as the Tritons won by almost five seconds with an 8:02.6. Sacramento State (8:07.2) came in second and was followed by Humboldt State (8:08.8), Mills (8:09.5), Orange Coast College (8:36.2), St. Mary's (8:41.6), and Mills "B" (9:03.2).

UC San Diego finished third in the Second Varsity 8, Varsity 4, and Novice 8 races.

Saturday's conditions were near-perfect on Lake Natoma with no wind and minimal current impact.

"It was a whole team effort today with all boats performing exceptionally well," said UC San Diego head coach Colin Truex. "We worked hard all week on making adjustments from the UC Cup, and it was great to see the team execute, race confidently, and post some great results against quality DI and DII competition.

"It's early and we have a long way to go, but we are definitely off to a strong start this season."

The Tritons are off for two weeks before competing at the annual San Diego Crew Classic on Mission Bay, March 24-25. The event features teams from across the nation.

Varsity 8
1. Sacramento State, 6:45.4
2. UC San Diego, 6:51.9
3. Portland, 6:52.7
4. St. Mary's, 7:00.4
5. Humboldt State, 7:01.4
6. Mills, 7:32.9

2nd Varsity 8
1. Sacramento State, 6:54.0
2. St. Mary's, 7:04.9
3. UC San Diego, 7:06.2
4. Portland, 7:14.7
5. Humboldt State, 7:15.0
6. UC San Diego "B", 7:42.0

Novice 8
1. Sacramento State, 7:14.8
2. Humboldt State, 7:21.5
3. UC San Diego, 7:31.5
4. Portland, 7:35.3
5. Orange Coast College, 7:37.5
6. Humboldt State, 7:52.7
7. Mills, 9:28.8

Varsity 4
1. Sacramento State, 7:47.9
2. Humboldt State, 7:51.1
3. UC San Diego, 7:54.3
4. Portland, 8:01.1
5. Orange Coast College, 8:05.5
6. St. Mary's, 8:12.2

Second Varsity 4
1. UC San Diego, 8:03.0
2. Humboldt State, 8:06.9
3. Portland, 8:07.8
4. Humboldt State "B", 8:27.1

Novice 4
1. UC San Diego, 8:02.6
2. Sacramento State, 8:07.2
3. Humboldt State, 8:08.8
4. Mills, 8:09.5
5. Orange Coast College, 8:36.2
6. St. Mary's, 8:41.6
7. Mills "B", 9:03.2

Boat Lineups
Varsity 8: Juni Kim (coxswain), Brooke Campbell, Tonya Khounani, Kyley Jones, Sydney McGuire, Catherine Mosher, Jane Zanteson, Alana Zaleski, Audrey Ruttan

Second Varsity 8: Marie Kawahara (coxswain), Madeleine Wagner, Isabela Martinez, Caitlin Tribelhorn, Evelyn Brady, Ellie Westbrock, Olivia Koyama, Storrey Lance, Taylor Iantosca

Third Varsity 8: Allison Patacsil (coxswain), Kiana Killian, Melanie Jaffe, Malia Mizuno, Defne Sevil, Brianna Lehane, Nina Lundblad, Scotlyn Macdonald, Alexandra Westgaard

Novice 8: Maile Heyer (coxswain), Morgan Stark, Kaili Inouye, Geraldine Wambersie, Sarah Proctor, Devin Gaetje, Cassidy Paradis, Iulia Rusu, Larissa Morse

Varsity 4: Marie Kawahara (coxswain), Caitlin Tribelhorn, Isabela Martinez, Storrey Lance, Taylor Iantosca

Second Varsity 4: Allison Patacsil (coxswain), Madeleine Wagner, Evelyn Brady, Ellie Westbrock, Olivia Koyama

Novice 4: Maile Heyer (coxswain), Morgan Stark, Sarah Proctor, Geraldine Wambersie, Kaili Inouye


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