Student-Athlete Advising & Tutoring


NCAA Eligibility Advising:


Advising for student-athletes at UC San Diego is a 3-part system.  


1. Major Department - each academic department as a specific undergraduate advisor to adivse students on issues concerning their major.  Students with major specific questions as well as students looking to put together a graduation plan, should start with the department advisor. 


2. College - Each of the 6 Colleges have an advising staff to assist students with broader academic issues, including but not limited to graduation planning, developing personalized educational strategies, course selection, questions regarding college & university requirements/policies.  Within each college, a specific academic advisor is designated as the Athletics Department Lasion. These individuals (listed below) are aware that student-athletes are required to meet NCAA Division II eligibility rules and work closely with the Athletics Department staff to advise student-athletes.  While it is not required you speak with the specific Athletics Advising Laision, it is helpful for advising purposes if your question potentially involves NCAA issues (ie. conflicts with practice/competition, NCAA eligiblity questions).  


To see your college advisor, it is best to contact them through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) with your question, or schedule an appointment.  


  • Eleanor Roosevelt: Gloria Aquino
  • Marshall: Emily Gonsalves
  • Muir: Cathy Baez
  • Revelle: Jane Wehrle
  • Sixth: Annie Maguire
  • Warren: Elaine Blankenship


3. NCAA Eligibility Advising - the Athletics Department provides advising to student-athletes specifically as it pertains to maintaining NCAA academic eligibility.  For a list of academic eligibilty rules as they apply to UC San Diego student-athletes, click here.  If you have questions about your NCAA eligibility, please contact the NCAA advisor assigned to your team as outlined below.  While you are welcome to drop by the Athletics Department offices, it is advised that you make an appointment.  Please make sure to have reviewed your degree audit and put together a rough draft of a class schedule before making an appointment to discuss NCAA eligibility.

Katie McGann ( Baseball, Basketball, Women's Crew, Fencing, Swimming & Diving, Tennis, Men's Volleyball, & Men's Water Polo 

Abrina Wheatfall ( Cross Country, Men's Crew, Golf, Softball, Soccer, Track & Field, Women's Volleyball, & Women's Water Polo

Student-Athlete Tutoring:


Tutoring is available for student-athletes in the following subject areas/courses:

  • Math 10 A,B,C
  • Math 20 A,B,C
  • Physics 1ABC, 2ABC
  • Chemistry 6 A,B,C
  • Chemistry 140 A, B, C

The tutors will be available for the entire sessions listed below.  If you are unable to attend the offered dates and times below, please email Abrina Wheatfall, Assistant Athletics Director ( Efforts will be made to try and find the student-athlete the help they need.

Spring 2014 Tutoring Schedule

Math/Phyiscs: Monday/Thursday from 5:30-7:30pm

Chemistry: Monday/Thursday from 6-8pm

FOR WEEK OF APRIL 14 ONLY: There will be an extra Chemistry session on Wednesday, April 16 from 5-7pm.

Location:  All tutoring will be held in the main Athletic Department conference room on the 4th floor of RIMAC.

Description of Offerings:

-Math/Physics & Chemistry/Biology Tutoring: This is dedicated time for homework and drop-in questions in these specific subjects. A tutor with expertise in the specific subject area will be available during the entire session. Depending on the number of student-athletes who attend, one-on-one help may or may not be feasible in this setting.

Here is a list of tutors for this quarter:

Additional On-Campus Resources:

For a comprehensive list of UCSD's tutoring resources and academic tips and tools, please visit the Student Academic Success page. Below are some of the more often asked about on-campus, free tutoring resources.

The Math Department offers additional help with the Math 10 and Math 20 series through its Calculus Lab.

The Chemistry Department offers additional help with the Chemistry 6 series though its Chemistry Helproom.

The Physics Department offers additional help through its Physics Tutorial Center

OASIS (Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services) also offers tutorial services in various subject areas, particularly in the math and sciences. OASIS offers both workshops and Study Tables options.

  • Workshops are structured group learning study-sessions, which are led by a tutor that explains course concepts and encourage a collaborative learning environment. Each workshop session is 2 hours and meets once or twice a week. Attendance is mandatory. Most workshops are course specific and pace a particular professor or lecture. Students must apply during 10th week of the current quarter for workshops the following quarter.
  • Study Tables is tutoring that is available on a drop-in basis. Tutors are available to help explain concepts and answer questions at the available times and days posted. They will not do your homework. You do not need to sign up for Study Tables and may come in any time. However, you will need to sign in and out with a tutor.

UCSD Writing Center: offers assistance to UCSD undergraduates who are working on papers for any UCSD course.  They can offer help for any stage of the writing process. 



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