CHAMPS/Life Skills Program


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CHAMPS/Life Skills Program


The purpose of UCSD’s CHAMPS/Life Skills Program is to foster the well-rounded development of its student-athletes while building character, integrity and leadership skills.  The goal of the program is twofold: to help student-athletes adjust to college life and excel as both students and athletes, and to provide them the tools and resources necessary to succeed beyond their college years.  The program is designed to support a student-athlete’s development in five areas: academics, athletics, personal development, career development and community service.  For more information on UCSD’s CHAMPS/Life Skills Program, please contact Sara Robinson, at


Academic Excellence

At UCSD, our student-athletes have a cumulative GPA that is at or above that of the general student body, boast a 99% graduation rate, and many go on to graduate and professional schools.  Below are the resources used to support and encourage our student-athletes’ continued academic excellence:



Athletic Excellence

Winner of 29 National Championships, UCSD is committed to providing its student-athletes with all the resources they need to excel on the field and on the court.  Below is a list of health and well-being resources available to UCSD student-athletes:


§         Athletic Training Department

§         Acupuncture

§         Chiropractor

§         CPR training

§         Family Practice/Sports Medicine Physicians

§         Massage Therapy

§         Orthopedic Physicians

Personal Development

At UCSD, we strive to provide our student-athletes with a well-balanced lifestyle where they can grow and develop as young, healthy individuals and leaders.  Below are some of the activities and resources implemented at UCSD to encourage the positive personal development of our student-athletes:


§         Psychological & Counseling Services (P&CS) offers free and confidential services from licensed psychologists, postdoctoral fellows, and psychology interns to UCSD students.  To contact P&CS call (858) 534 3755.

o       Liaison to UCSD Athletics: Rhonda Hackshaw, Ph.D.

§         Dr. Hackshaw is a licensed psychologist with a degree and specialization in Sport Psychology, and she is the liaison to the UCSD Intercollegiate Athletics Program for Psychological & Counseling Services. She provides services to student-athletes, teams and coaches.  Contact Dr. Hackshaw at (858) 534-5981.

§         Alcohol & Illegal Drug Policy

§         Hazing Policy

§         Social Networking Websites Policy

§         Sexual Harassment


Career Development

Athletics are only a small part in the grand scheme of life.  At UCSD, we encourage and support our student-athletes to develop and pursue career and life goals.  Below are some of the resources available at UCSD to help our student-athletes plan for a career after college:



Commitment to Service

At UCSD, we feel our student-athletes have a commitment to be positive role models and contributors both on our campus and within the San Diego community.  Below are just some of the ways our student-athletes give back:


  • Adopt-A-Family
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Row for the Cure
  • Team Up! Program

For more information on the community service efforts of UCSD student-athletes, please visit the following link: Community Service