Student-Athlete Statement of Structure
Release: Wednesday 09/02/2009 

The Triton Athletes' Council (TAC) exists as a forum for student-athletes to present and discuss issues relevant to the quality of the athletic component of their collegiate experience at UC San Diego.

It serves not only a voice for the student-athlete but an opportunity to have ongoing dialogue with the Athletic Department administration, provide feedback, initiate campus and community service projects as well as engender improved relationships among the University's 23 intercollegiate teams.

It is to be organized as outlined below. If at anytime there is question as to whether this structure is working effectively to advance the purpose, the council members may take appropriate steps to amend this document.


1.       The Council shall be composed of two representatives from every Intercollegiate Athletic Team sponsored by the UCSD Athletic Department as well as one advisor from the UCSD Athletic Department.

2.       General Body meetings shall be held every other week at a designated time and place that allows for the majority of the representatives to attend. In the absence of scheduled practice or ICA-sponsored competition, every representative is responsible for being at every meeting.

3.       There shall be an Executive Board that includes one Chairperson, one Vice Chairperson, five elected at-large members (who typically serve as committee heads) and the Athletic Department advisor.

4.       The terms of the people holding the positions of: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Committee Heads shall begin at the conclusion of the final meeting of Spring Quarter and run through the final meeting of the following Spring Quarter.

5.       The Responsibilities of the Representatives will include:

a.       Representing their team for the entire academic year.

b.       Attending and being on time to every meeting.

c.       Taking an active role in meetings as well as with one of the established committees.

d.       Promoting TAC in a positive way to your team and UCSD community.

e.       Providing weekly updates to your team and team updates to TAC.

f.       Supporting and promoting all TAC events.

g.       Bringing any concerns from your team to the council.

h.       Providing the council with a team update when in season or otherwise appropriate.

Triton Athletes' Council membership is a privilege and, as such, member are expected to make every effort to attend all meetings. Student-athletes who are not TAC members may attend meetings but will not be allowed to vote. They may speak as part of the process at the discretion of the president or other presiding officer.


1.       The current committees are Community Outreach, Social, Publicity, Fund-raising,  Academic/Career Development/Political and Protocol. The number and scope of the committee system can be changed by vote of the Executive Board as the council evolves.

2.       Committee meetings are to be held at the General Body meeting and, if necessary, at additional times as determined by the committee members.

3.       A committee head will be in charge of each committee. Typically, the committee heads will be selected from among the members of the Executive Board. The committee will consist of TAC representatives who have a vested interest in that particular area. Representatives will remain with their chosen committee for the duration of the academic year.

4.       If there is evidence that a committee head is not fulfilling his/her duties, a replacement will be appointed by the Chairperson to maintain the effectiveness of the committee.

5.       Each committee will be required to complete a minimum of one project per quarter.

6.       The responsibilities of the committee heads will include:

a.       Organize and run committee meetings during the TAC meetings and whenever else circumstances dictate.

b.       Keep a committee roster and maintain communication with members.

c.       Delegate responsibilities to include all members of the committee.

d.       Regularly update the Advisor, Executive Board, and the council of progress.


  1. Shall consist of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, five at-large members, and Advisor.
  2. The Chairperson will be elected by vote of the council at the penultimate meeting of the spring quarter. Following the election of the Chairperson, voting will take place for the position of Vice Chairperson. Nominations will be taken at the previous meeting.
  1. The five at-large Executive Board members will be elected by vote of the council at the final meeting of the spring quarter. Nominations will take placed at the penultimate meeting, following election of the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson.
  2. The responsibilities of the Chairperson will include:

a.       Run meetings.

b.       Meet with Advisor and Vice Chairperson to create meeting agendas.

c.       Work directly with the A.S. Commissioner of Athletics so that both groups, A.S. and TAC can actively support and benefit the other.

d.       Bring group concerns to Advisor.

e.       Represent UCSD at the conference level as the CCAA SAAC Representative and confer with the Advisor on appointments of similar positions representing TAC.

5.       The responsibilities of the Vice Chairperson will include:

a.       Run meetings in the absence of the Chairperson.

b.       Work directly with the committee heads as their supervisor to make sure they are being productive and insure any help they need is being given.

c.       Meet with Advisor and Chairperson to create meeting agendas.

6.       The responsibilities of the committee heads are outlined in Section B above.

7.       It is recommended that either the Chairperson or Vice Chairperson be a non-graduating student-athlete who will return the following year.

8.       If at any time it is recognized that either of these officers are not fulfilling their responsibilities, it is in the power of the Advisor to convene a panel to select a replacement.

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