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Creating Endowments for the Future
As the UC San Diego Athletics program grows, so does its impact on the campus as a whole, and on the greater San Diego community. Endowments—funds invested to generate ongoing support in perpetuity—help ensure the continued success of our program and our student-athletes. Endowments can be named after you or in honor of someone you care about, or in memoriam of a loved one.

Coaching Endowments make a critical difference in recruiting and retaining the best coaches and staff in a highly competitive job market. In turn, this ensures consistency from season to season.

Team Endowments alleviate the financial burden of uniforms, equipment, and travel to games and tournaments, allowing student-athletes and coaches to concentrate more on training and less on fundraising.

Championship Endowments generate resources for postseason travel and expenses so that winning teams need not worry about funding to participate in playoffs and championships.

Sports Medicine Endowments will enhance our sports medicine program to include education and additional supervision of training sessions.

For questions, or to learn more on how you can establish an endowment benefiting UC San Diego Athletics, please contact Diana Philippi at (858) 534-3540 or email