Q & A With Freshman Runner Bre Schofield


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Bre Schofield
Bre Schofield
Courtesy: Kennon Kwok

Freshman runner Bre Schofield has stormed onto the cross country scene at UCSD in 2008, capturing two individual victories in her first three collegiate races to start the season. A native of nearby Carlsbad, Calif., Schofield won her first-ever NCAA cross country race on August 29, completing the 2.5 mile Triton Cross Country Course in a time of 15:17.4 – a full 22 seconds ahead of the second place runner. After finishing seventh overall against a field of mostly Division I schools at the Aztec Invitational September 13, Schofield broke the tape yet again last weekend at the CSUSB Coyote Invitational. The rookie separated herself from the pack again, finishing the 6k course with a time of 22:09, this time besting the competition by a 14-second margin. The Tritons have had an excellent start to the 2008 campaign as a group, sweeping team titles in two races already this season. With an off week on the schedule this week, the reigning back-to-back CCAA Female Runner of the Week took a moment to answer a few questions for UCSDtritons.com.

Q: You¹ve had a phenomenal start to your freshman season running cross country at UCSD. What can you attribute your early success to?
SCHOFIELD: I owe all my early success to my teammates. I have been fortunate enough to join a great cross country team here at UCSD. The experience has been so much fun. When you like the team you’re on, you really care about them and if you really care about them, then your willing to work hard for them. We have so much fun together, we have each other’s backs, and we all work to our maximal potential so we all do well.

Additionally, much off my success has come from my coaches’ accurate training plans. The team has a great coaching staff that is very familiar with each athlete individually. They are aware of the great things our bodies can accomplish and they push us to that potential, but they also know when we need a rest.
Q: Did you expect to win two out of your first three races or has that come as a surprise?
SCHOFIELD: The great thing about being in a new sport is that you never know what to expect in races. In general or from the past, there are no personal standards or expectations that I feel I should live up to. In the first three races of the year I have just tried my best given each course and condition. In doing that, it has been awesome, but also surprising to take home first place for my team twice already in my first year of cross country.  
Q: The team is also off to a great start in 2008. What are your goals for the rest of the season both individually and as a group? What does the team need to do to achieve them?
SCHOFIELD: This season the goals on the girl’s side are to be on the top end of the races at conference, regionals, and nationals. We’re going to take it to the house and see what happens. Individually, I’m going to put all my energy into making these goals happen and to represent the Tritons as best I can.   

Yes, we are off to a great start and to keep the positive momentum going, we all need to work hard and believe in the cause to fulfill our goals. I stand in the same position as my teammates. No matter how challenging, every long run, workout, and race, we need to battle any negative thoughts that pop up in our minds. We can do anything if we believe it; we rock!
Q:  What has impressed you about head coach Nate Garcia and how the team has performed under his guidance?
SCHOFIELD: I am really impressed with how well Nate is in tune with everything. He is very accurate in how he thinks I will perform and as to what I need to do as a racer to accomplish my goals. It’s pretty cool to have a coach that takes the time to research and study all aspects of the sport so the team will do well.

Under his direction the team has taken two wins; I’d say we performed pretty well!   

Q: What do you usually do to prepare for a race?
SCHOFIELD: Before a race the team does what we call “Warm Up A” which entails a ten minute easy run, 20 minutes of stretching, and the an additional 13 minutes of running with a pick up in the last three minutes. After stretching we do three sets of three different kinds of drills. During this time I stay relaxed, focused, briefly think about what I’m going to do in the race, and give myself positive encouragement and comfort through different outlets I set my mind on.  
Q: When you¹re not running, what do you like to do in your spare time?
SCHOFIELD: What a typical college local likes to do in San Diego, surf, hang out with friends, and nap. Besides that, I like to do anything active outside, from playing sports to going shopping.    
Q: You were one of San Diego County¹s top female surfers in high school. Do you still have time to get in the water as often as a college student? Has surfing made you a better runner?
SCHOFIELD: There’s always time in a day for a surf session, it just usually comes after XC practice. If I ever don’t have time to get in the water, I’m not worried because it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The different sports I have played in the past have built me into the runner I am today; surfing has definitely been a key component. It has taught me the control, consistency, and patience needed to be a successful runner.     
Q:  What is your favorite part of being a student-athlete at UCSD?
SCHOFIELD: I’d have to say my favorite part is being able to have a family outside home and being associated with so many students that share common interests with me. The support cross country gets from everyone attending UCSD is a plus. I also have to mention the education and coaching I receive.    

Q: Who has been your greatest role model and why?
SCHOFIELD: Definitely Nastia Luken, one of the Olympic gymnasts at the 2008 games. Her focus, practice, and drive to achieve greatness amongst talented competitors shows in her performance. You can’t fault a person with that kind of ambition.

Q: If you could spend the day with any three people, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

1.    Cara Goucher, a personal favorite from the Olympic distance squad. Running with her and listening to advice from her would be so helpful.
2.    Jackie Kennedy because she was such a smart, supportive, and beneficial woman. I think meeting her would help me become a better teammate and person.
3.    Paul Walker... yeah I know a teen heart throb...just don’t ask and don’t tell.

Q: If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
SCHOFIELD: Competitive, determined, and considerate

Q: Who would play you in a movie about your life and why?
SCHOFIELD: Probably Reggie Rocket from my favorite cartoon I used to watch when I was younger. She’s a little bit too much of a tomboy... but she surfs and is down to do things a lot of people wouldn’t and I like that.  


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