Triton Athletic Associates Board of Directors


The purpose of the Triton Athletic Associates (T.A.A.) Board of Directors is to support and promote the intercollegiate athletic program at University of California, San Diego (UCSD) within the parameters of the institution's athletic and academic philosophies.

The T.A.A. will endeavor to do this through regular public relations, marketing and development activities initiated by both the board of directors and the UCSD Athletic Department.


  • Increase visibility of the UC San Diego athletic program in the greater San Diego area.
  • Position UC San Diego athletics as a program that successfully produces top caliber athletic teams throughout its 23-sport department while maintaining the university's outstanding academic reputation.
  • Originate projects that will promote the positive relationship between athletics and academics as well as addressing the public relations goals outlined above.
  • Develop a core of annual activities that generate significant revenues for the UC San Diego athletic program, while complementing UCSD's current goal of being the nation’s premier NCAA Division II University competitively, financially and in terms of community service.
  • Successfully integrate UC San Diego with other key San Diego County athletic entities in order that it will be involved with the future of sports in the region.

2012 TAA Golf Brochure

Board of Directors Roster

Board Member Company
Joe Bacich Better Business Funding
Danielle Boyle
Bill Cohn
Wind River
Steve Cross
General Electric
Derek Danziger
Centre City Development Corp.
David Foster
Helms Briscoe
Jonathan Halperin
SHARP/Rees Stealy Medical Group
Howie Jacobson
Athletes to Business
Danny Kung
Vista Unified School District
Peter McConville
PacWest Telecom
Kevin McSweeny
Merrill Lynch
Robery Peelle
Rady School
Rebecca Robinson
Rady Children's Hospital
Alan Shapiro
Morgan Stanley
Lloyd Trilling
USE Credit Union
Takis Vartelas
Santorini's Greek Island Grill
Brian Webber
Coach America
Jeff Woods
Katie Yoder