Given that UC San Diego Athletics promotes excellence throughout its program, it is reasonable that athletic events hosted at UCSD should reflect the class, integrity, unity and winning attitude that prevail in all other aspects. It can also be taken for granted that UC San Diego endorses good sportsmanship and a family-friendly environment.

Recognizing the importance of home athletic events in terms of public image, networking and competitiveness, the Triton Athletes' Council (TAC) supports these premises:

We recognize four basic reasons for student attendance at UCSD home athletic events.

  • To have fun
  • To support UCSD student-athletes
  • To help develop campus pride and unity
  • To create a home court or home field advantage for UCSD teams

If it is agreed that these motivations and the over-arching characteristics listed above are symbolic of any first-class program, the following principles should be respected by all student-athletes at home athletic events:

  • No profanity
  • No racial or sexist language
  • No mean-spirited cheering; heckling of the visiting team should be intelligent, creative and humorous-not malicious
  • Cheering should be focused primarily on supporting the home team as opposed to harassing the visiting team

In addition to personally adhering to this spectator code of conduct, UCSD student-athletes should serve as examples and leaders in the area of good sportsmanship-at home and on the road.