California Assembly Bill 2079
Release: Thursday 01/26/2012 

California Assembly Bill 2079:

On September 30, 2010, AB 2079 was signed into California law by the Governor. This law requires educational institutions that offer athletic scholarships, or that provide, by any delivery method, written material regarding their athletic program to a student athlete, to provide a direct link to the institution's Internet web page where the student athlete shall be able to access all information regarding the institution's athletic scholarship program. Below you will find links and information that give a comprehensive review of all issues related to UC San Diego athletics scholarships, medical related expenses and the transfer release process.

Basic Athletic Scholarship Information:

According to NCAA rules, a verbal commitment is not binding on either the student athlete or the institution. The National Letter of Intent is a binding agreement between a prospective student athlete and an institution in which the institution agrees to provide a prospective student-athlete who is admitted to the institution and is eligible for financial aid under NCAA rules athletics aid for one academic year in exchange for the prospective student-athlete's agreement to attend the institution for one academic year. The National Letter of Intent must be accompanied by an institutional financial aid agreement. If the prospective student-athlete signs the National Letter of Intent but does not enroll at that institution for a full academic year, he or she may be subject to specific penalties, including loss of a season of eligibility and a mandatory residence requirement.

By following the below link you can find our current grant-in-aid policies:

UC San Diego Athletics Grant-in-Aid Policy

Please note that details on the average monthly full grant-in-aid athletic scholarship payment received by student athletes who live on-campus and off-campus are not relevant to UC San Diego's current scholarship model of $500 awards. In the future, we will provide information on our "full scholarship" as an average of the costs of campus room and full board amounts.

The most recent Cost of Attendance estimates as published by the UC San Diego Financial Aid Office can be found here.  Please note that the Cost of Attendance figure includes the following items which are not permitted as part of a full athletics scholarship under NCAA rules and regulations: transportation expenses, personal expenses and health insurance fee/allowance.

Athletic Scholarship Renewal Information:

NCAA rules state that if a student's athletics ability is taken into consideration in any degree in awarding financial aid, the aid can only be awarded for one academic year.

By following the links below you can find our policies & procedures regarding scholarship renewals and appeals.

UC San Diego Athletics Scholarship Renewal and Non-Renewal policies
UC San Diego Appeals Process for Athletically-Related Financial Aid

Athletically Related Medical Expenses Information:

NCAA rules do not mandated that athletics programs must pay for all athletically related medical expenses but do allow for specific medical expense benefits incidental to a student-athlete's participation in intercollegiate athletics to be financed by the institution. UC San Diego provides coverage for any athletic injury and rehabilitation as well as secondary medical insurance coverage.

By following the below link you can find information about our athletic injury insurance:

UC San Diego Injury Insurance

Athletic Release Information:
UC San Diego Athletics follows all NCAA rules, as listed below, when a transfer release is requested and subsequently approved or denied:

NCAA rules state that an athletics program cannot make contact with a NCAA or NAIA four-year collegiate student-athlete who wishes to transfer, without first obtaining the written permission of the first institution's athletics director, regardless of who makes the initial contact. If permission is not granted, the second institution shall not encourage the transfer and shall not provide athletically related financial assistance to the student-athlete until the student-athlete has attended the second institution for one academic year. If permission is granted to contact the student-athlete, all applicable NCAA recruiting rules apply.

If an institution denies a student-athlete's release request, the athletics director must inform the student-athlete in writing, within 14 consecutive calendar days from receipt of a student-athlete's written request, that he or she, on request, can be provided a hearing.

The UC San Diego transfer release appeal process is handled similar to an athletics scholarship renewal appeal and can be found at the below link:

UC San Diego Permission to Contact, One-Time Transfer Exception, and Appeals Processes
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