Photo by: Ken Grosse/UCSD Athletics
Melissa Breisacher battled to tie her opponent at No. 1 singles on Sunday, but the match was cut short before the tiebreaker.
No. 21 UCSD Drops 5-0 Decision to Valdosta State
Release: Sunday 04/01/2012 

PENSACOLA, Fla. -  The 21st-ranked UC San Diego women's tennis team played to decision in Sunday's match against Valdosta State, falling to the Blazers, 5-0. It was the Tritons' final match of the West Florida Invitational.

UCSD was swept in doubles and fell in two singles matches. The teams did not complete the remaining four contests on the singles side as the match was called when Valdosta clinched the win. With the result, the Tritons dropped to 6-10 and the Blazers improved to 5-4 on the season. 

The teams concluded the doubles matchups, with the Blazers coming out victorious in all three. At No. 1, Sara Braun and Alina Nagel defeated Melissa Breisacher and Jacquelyn Davis, 8-2. Tara Vanooteghem and Melinda Chu fell to Michelle Fischer and Juliana Boehm, 8-3, at No. 2. At the No. 3 position, Katie Mulloy and Laura Wilke lost to Tina Trautmann and Maia Ehses, 8-2.

On the singles side, only the No. 3 and No. 5 matches were played to completion. Vanooteghem lost to Trautmann, 6-1 and 6-0 at No. 3 and Samantha Yeung was topped 6-1 and 6-2 by Boehm in the No. 5 slot. 

At No. 1 singles, Breisacher and Braun were at 6-1, 1-4 before the match was halted. Chu (No. 2) and Krystal Mizuguchi (No. 6) each won their first game and trailed in the second, while Mulloy (No. 4) was up on Nagel, 6-2, 3-2, when the match was cut short.

"We were out-played at most positions, however we won several first sets but did not finish those matches," said UCSD head coach Liz LaPlante. "The great competition we faced this weekend will definitely help us in our upcoming matches."

The Tritons head back to the West Coast to play at Cal State L.A. on Apr. 7. The match is set to start at 11 a.m.

No. 21 UCSD 0, Valdosta State 5
April 1, 2012
West Florida Invitational - Day 3
Ralph "Skeeter" Carson Tennis Complex
Pensacola, Fla.

Note: match played to decision

Sara Braun/Alina Nagel (VSU) def. Melissa Breisacher/Jacquelyn Davis (UCSD) 8-2
Michelle Fischer/Juliana Boehm (VSU) def. Tara Vanooteghem/Melinda Chu (UCSD) 8-3
Tina Trautmann/Maia Ehses (VSU) def. Katie Mulloy/Laura Wilke (UCSD) 8-2

Melissa Breisacher (UCSD) v. Sara Braun (VSU) 6-1, 1-4 (did not finish)
Melinda Chu (UCSD) v. Maia Ehses (VSU) 6-0, 3-4 (did not finish)
Tina Trautmann (VSU) def. Tara Vanooteghem (UCSD) 6-1, 6-0
Katie Mulloy (UCSD) v. Alina Nagel (VSU) 6-2, 3-2 (did not finish)
Juliana Boehm (VSU) def. Samantha Yeung (UCSD) 6-1, 6-2
Krystal Mizuguchi (UCSD) v. Jessica Tuggle (VSU) 6-4, 1-2 (did not finish)

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