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The Triton varsity eight will advance to Sunday's grand final race at the WIRA Championships.
No. 7 UCSD Advances Three Boats to WIRA Grand Finals
Release: Saturday 04/28/2012 

GOLD RIVER, Calif. - The UC San Diego women's crew team stated their case for national championship qualification at the Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association (WIRA) Championships on Saturday, advancing three boats to Sunday's grand final races. The Tritons also earned a pair of top two finishes in the petite finals.

"We are very excited about today's results," said Triton head coach Pattie Pinkerton.

UCSD's varsity eight will race in the grand final tomorrow, after placing third in today's heat. The Tritons crossed the finish line at 7:10.5, ten seconds behind second-place UCSB and 16 seconds behind first place No. 2 Western Washington.

"Today went really well," said senior Natassia Peterson. "We had one of our best races this season, and we're really excited about tomorrow."

The Triton lightweight four also qualified for their grand final race on Sunday, finishing second in its heat with a time of 8:14.9. UCSD beat out both the Cal lightweights and Santa Clara for the silver finish. University of San Diego won the contest, clocking a time of 8:09.6.

UCSD's second varsity eight boat will compete in only one race this the weekend, a final on Sunday.

Three Triton boats raced in petite finals on Saturday afternoon. UCSD's pair boat, which competed for the first time of the season on Saturday, finished second to UC Davis, trailing the Aggies by eight seconds. The Tritons finished with a time of 9:29.2. The varsity four also raced in a petite final, clocking a time of 8:01.8 to finish first. The Tritons edged second place Seattle Pacific by over ten seconds for the victory. The novice eight finished fourth in its petite final, with a time of 7:37.9.

"It was very thrilling, we are very much still alive," said Pinkerton. "Tomorrow is a must-do, we must beat Seattle Pacific solidly to have a chance at the national championships."

UCSD's varsity eight, second varsity eight and lightweight four boats will compete in their respective grand final races on Sunday.

Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships - Day One
April 28, 2012
Gold River, Calif.


Varsity Eight
1. WWU 6:54
2. UCSB 7:00
3. UCSD 7:10.5
4. L&C 7:15.6
5. MIL 7:16.1
6. LBS 7:26.7

Varsity Four
1. HSU 7:56
2. WIL 7:58.8
3. WWU 8:08.9
4. UCSD 8:24.9
5. UCSB 8:25.3

Novice Eight
1. SAC 7:19.6
2. SDSU 7:25.5
3. UCD 7:30.8
4. HSU 7:49.2
5. UCSD 7:52.9
6. SSU 7:56.8

Novice Four
1. WWU 8:01.5
2. SMC 8:11.5
3. UPS 8:31.7
4. SDSU 8:40.3
5. UCSD 9:13.2
6. LBS 9:18.2
7. MIL 9:47.9

1. USD 8:37.1
2. WSU 8:52.1
3. ORE 9:05.1
4. UCD 9:27.5
5. UCSD 9:44.9

Lightweight Four
1. USD 8:09.6
2. UCSD 8:14.9
3. SCU 8:18.7
4. CAL 8:51.7


1. UCD 9:21.5
2. UCSD 9:29.2
3. PLU 9:31.3
4. CAL LTWT 9:38.6

Varsity Four
1. UCSD 8:01.8
2. SPU 8:12
3. UCSD 8:14.3
4. SSU 8:37.1
5. PAC 9:02.6

Novice Eight
1. OCC 7:22
2. UCI 7:26.3
3. HSU 7:36.3
4. UCSD 7:37.9
5. ORE 7:42.2
6. SSU 7:44.9
7. SCU 7:47.5


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W Rowing at Day Three
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