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Do you have any pre-game or in-game superstitions?


Men's Soccer - Junior

Cupertino, CA (Monte Vista HS)                        Engineering Science (Warren)

"I always put my right cleat on before my left. That's pretty much it."


Women's Soccer - Junior

Santa Rosa, CA (Montgomery HS)                        Visual Arts/Media (Waren)

"I'm pretty superstitious when it comes to soccer. For instance, for games there are only two sports bras that I will wear, one for each color jersey. I also always have to have the same color toe-nail polish for the whole season." 


Men's Tennis - Redshirt Freshman

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (Palos Verdes Peninsula HS)            Undeclared (Revelle)

 "Pre-game: I like listening to Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, and Logic. During changeovers, I make sure to cross my right leg for 45 seconds and then my left leg for 45 seconds to stretch them out. Also, I read my personal tennis notepad in which I write strategies and tips for myself. I do this every changeover."



Women's Volleyball - Junior

Santa Clara, CA (Archbishop Mitty HS)            Molecular Biology (Sixth College)

 "If I'm chewing gum and playing well, I keep chewing that piece for the entire match. If I'm chewing gum and doing badly I spit it out as soon as I get a chance. Also, during matches I have to drink from the water bottle that corresponds to my position on the court. Like if I'm playing left back, I drink from the one in the left back corner. Oh, and usually during warm-ups I avoid stepping on any lines on the gym floor. And I have to retie both shoes before the game starts."



Women's Crew - Sophomore

Menlo Park, CA (Sacred Heart Prep)                        Environmental Policy (Sixth College)

"I always go on a run to get ready and make sure to talk to every person in the boat to make sure we're pumped up and on the same page. Also, I always put on chap stick-my lips get chapped pretty easily so that's a must."