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What country do you think is going to get the most medals at the Winter Olympics? What is your favorite Olympic memory (summer or winter games)?



Andie Nishimi
Women's Water Polo                                 Junior

Moraga, CA (Campolindo HS)                   Moraga, CA (Campolindo HS)     

I think (and hope) the U.S. will win the most medals.  My favorite memory of the Olympics is from the Summer Games in 2008 when Jason Lezak anchored the 400 free relay and had a fantastic come-from-behind finish to win the U.S. a gold medal."

Mark Meyer

Men's Tennis                                       Junior
Danville, CA (Monte Vista HS)            Economics (Warren College)


"I think that the United States is going to win the most medals. My favorite Olympic memory is really just watching The Summer Games with my family when Usain Bolt blew out the competition."





Rachel Diaz
Women's Crew                                               Freshman
Anaheim, CA (Anaheim HS)            
              Literature/Writing (Muir College))

"I think the U.S or the Netherlands will end up taking home the most medals. My favorite Olympic memory was when Shaun White basically took the half-pipe gold after finishing his first run at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. And even then, he killed his second run with a double-McTwist. I love the sport and he's a huge inspiration to me."



Lewis Simon
Golf                                                    Senior 
Torrance, CA (West HS)                    Cognitive Science (Marshall College)

'Merica, USA USA USA. My favorite memory is when the U.S. beat Russia at hockey."



Munira Gesner

Fencing                                                                  Senior
Sacramento, CA (Ponderosa HS)                         Physiology & Neuroscience (Revelle College)

"I think that the U.S. is going to take home the most medals this year. My favorite Olympic memory of all time is when Usain Bolt broke the 200m world record at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics."


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