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What was your worst Halloween costume?




Men’s Volleyball                                       Junior      
Los Alamitos, CA (Los Alamitos HS)       Cognitive Science (Muir)

One year when I was four or five, my sister dressed me up as Cinderella for Halloween. I had no idea anything was wrong until my dad came home and he started yelling at my sister. Apparently guys aren’t supposed to dress up like girls.




Women’s Crew                                            Junior
La Mirada, CA (La Mirada HS)                    Marine Biology (Muir)

One year I was a giant baby. Why? A 13-year-old giant baby?





Fencing                                                     Sophomore
San Francisco, CA  (The Drew School)    Management Science (Roosevelt)

When I was in the seventh grade I dressed up as the Japanese hot pockets guy from the commercials. I made a fake mustache out of paper and carried around a box of hot pockets…but my costume was pretty spot on.




Women’s Tennis                                         Sophomore
Houston, TX (Memorial HS)                       Human Biology (Marshall)

Probably a hula girl because by the end of the night all the straws fell off and only the flower belt was left.






Men’s Swimming                                        Junior
Solana Beach, CA                                      Music (Muir)

When I was little I loved Jar-jar Binks and so I dressed up as him for Halloween when I was seven. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized how racist the character was. I basically dressed up as close to black face as possible without actually doing it.


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