Photo by: Ken Grosse/UCSD Athletics
UCSD Rowing Wraps Up Action at 44th San Diego Crew Classic
Release: Sunday 04/02/2017 

SAN DIEGO - The University of California San Diego men's and women's rowing teams had seven boats in action Sunday, the final day of the 44th San Diego Crew Classic on Mission Bay.

The Triton women had three boats rowing in Grand Final races.

In the Varsity 8 DII/DIII/Club Grand Final, UCSD's top boat placed fourth with a time of 7:09.38, while the "B" crew was sixth in 7:17.75. Western Washington won the race, crossing the finish line in 6:53.34, well ahead of second-place Humboldt State (7:00.87).

The Novice 8 DII/DIII/Club Grand Final saw the Tritons finish fifth with a time of 7:50.34. UC Davis earned the top spot with a winning time of 7:20.34.

UC San Diego's Varsity 4 placed sixth in the final-only DII/DIII/Club race, recording an 8:07.62. Western Washington was the winner in that event as well, posting a 7:48.39.

On the men's side, the Tritons took third in the Varsity 8 Cal Cup Grand Final. Santa Clara won it in 5:53.57 and was followed by British Columbia (5:55.35) and UCSD (6:02.32).

In the Second Varsity 8 Cabrillo Cup Petite Final, UC San Diego crossed with a time of 6:17.36, good for second place. UC Santa Barbara earned the win in 6:13.96.

The final-only Third Varsity 8 race was won by Cal in 6:08.65, with the Tritons placing third in 6:33.72.

The UC San Diego men are next in action at the Kerr Cup, April 15 in Philadelphia. On the same day, the Triton women take part in the Covered Bridge Regatta in Lowell, Ore. 

Varsity 8 DII/DIII/Club Grand Final
1. Western Washington 6:53.34
2. Humboldt State 7:00.87
3. Grand Valley 7:07.44
4. UC San Diego 7:09.38
5. Purdue 7:13.04
6. UC San Diego "B" 7:17.75
7. Orange Coast College 7:20.17
8. Humboldt State "B" 7:26.41

Novice 8 DII/DIII/Club Grand Final
1. UC Davis 7:20.34
2. Orange Coast College 7:25.05
3. Humboldt State 7:37.54
4. Colorado 7:38.72
5. UC San Diego 7:50.34
6. UC Santa Barbara 8:01.67

Varsity 4 DII/DIII/Club (final only)
1. Western Washington 7:48.39
2. Humboldt State 7:52.46
3. Long Beach State 7:53.82
4. California LW 7:58.86
5. Purdue 8:02.71
6. UC San Diego 8:07.62
7. UC Davis 8:45.25
8. Colorado 9:48.59


Varsity 8 Cal Cup Grand Final
1. Santa Clara 5:53.57
2. British Columbia 5:55.35
3. UC San Diego 6:02.32
4. Notre Dame 6:02.52
5. San Diego 6:07.82
6. Grand Valley 6:09.18
7. Orange Coast College 6:10.86
8. UC Davis 6:14.77

Second Varsity 8 Cabrillo Cup Petite Final
1. UC Santa Barbara 6:13.96
2. UC San Diego 6:17.36
3. San Diego 6:17.44
4. Notre Dame 6:22.93
5. Orange Coast College 6:27.45
6. UCLA 6:32.45

Third Varsity 8 (final only)
1. California 6:08.65
2. UC Santa Barbara 6:30.56
3. UC San Diego 6:33.72
4. Santa Clara 6:36.04
5. UCLA 6:59.61


Varsity 8: coxswain Marie KawaharaBrooke CampbellJordan LevyAlana ZaleskiEvelyn BradyTonya KhounaniSydney McGuireCatherine MosherNicole Hammonds
Varsity 8 "B": coxswain Amber GoStephanie SolomonLauren IannettaMadeleine WagnerJaida AikensAmber HarrisAudrey RuttanMalia MizunoSierra Colvin
Novice 8: coxswain Larissa MorseCaitlin TribelhornMelanie JaffeMichelle KeungNatalie DavoodiJessica DavisJulia MaduraJane ZantesonAllison Patacsil
Varsity 4: coxswain Ryann CorpuzStorrey LanceSarah MooreJennifer DuttonIsabela Martinez


Varsity 8: coxswain Isa BatkiHank WongAlec PettySean ReynoldsJason GermainGibb AnellaTynan RodgerSteven BoltonMicah Adelsohn
Second Varsity 8: coxswain Lily OuyangKenneth PaddenRyan NewburyDaniel MahanMatt ThalkenGreg CoffmanGabriel LaneCarson WestKeith Mielke
Third Varsity 8: coxswain Rina PatelMichael LandheerAdrian DinescuNick BaltarBryan BrennanVictor De CosAndy MarshallKevin ChangSean Reynolds


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