Northwest Nazarene - Alaska Anchorage Postgame Quotes

By UC San Diego

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Northwest Nazarene-Alaska Anchorage Postgame Quotes

March 16, 2019


Northwest Nazarene Head Coach Steve Steele


Opening Statement:

“It was ugly. I think both teams would say if it’s ugly then we’re doing our job. When you’ve got two teams that want to make the game ugly and physical and fast playing each other it makes for a really awkward, disjointed kind of game, and that’s fun because it’s competitive and physical and fast. I think that’s fun to watch and play in. The bottom line is we out-statted them in every category except one, they hit more threes than us… With two teams that have had the years that they have had this year, I think that’s what a lot of people expected for the game, that’s that close and decided by one shot.”


On how the team made it a close game:

“We had to start taking a little better care of the ball on offense and get organized on defense. I think all year this year we’ve said when we need to make a run we need to get more aggressive on defense. That sets the tone for everything that follows behind. Offense gets a little easier. We can get on the offensive boards because we’re taking shots in rhythm, so I think it started on the defensive side when we started getting aggressive and taking them out of stuff and communicating.”


Junior Guard Avery Albrecht


On the game as a whole:

“We know anytime we play Anchorage it’s going to be a hard-fought battle. The entire time we were giving it our all with our whole hearts and sometimes you come out on the winning side and sometimes you come out on the winning side, but I’m really proud of how hard we worked.”


Redshirt Senior Guard Ellie Logan


On making it a close game:

“I think it was our defensive intensity. If you look at the box score, we held them to 10 points in the fourth quarter. I think we stepped it up mentally and physically put more pressure on them and maybe if we’d done that earlier we could’ve made a run sooner, but I think we just needed a sense of urgency a little sooner.


Alaska Anchorage Head Coach Ryan McCarthy


Opening Statement:

“First of all, I think it’s very unfortunate, and the NCAA needs to fix this problem, that two top-five teams in the country, or six or eight or whatever it is, should not face each other in the second round. It’s a broken system and this would never happen if they cared as much about DII as they do about DI… I think it’s unfair to us, UC San Diego, and Nazarene that we’re in this bracket together, but credit to Nazarene. They had an unbelievable year… We only won that game because we went 11-18 from the 3-point line. We did nothing we talked about… The one thing I did say was get hot and we did and it worked out, and that’s March and that’s why it’s special.”


On the ultimate difference to hold them off at the end

“I think it came down for us to rebounds. Throughout the game, they dang near shot 40 free throws and part of that is our fault for not getting on the defensive glass, but I think we dug out some tough rebounds at the end.”

Senior Guard Tara Thompson


On feeling “on” with her free throws, particularly her final one, and her teammates:

“We practiced those plays a lot this week, with repetition, and I had a good feeling that’d go in. I’m really proud of our seniors; they stepped up this game, but I’m most proud of our freshman. She played the four position this entire season and both our fives fouled out and she came up big time for us when they fouled out.”


Senior Guard Sydni Stallworth


On how it felt to contribute, particularly with her free throws:

“It felt really good. I had a dry spell in our last tournament, so it felt good to be able to contribute in that way.”


On what it means to have another game to play:

“It means a lot. Last year was really tough and it’s always a new adjustment when you come to a new school… To know this is an opportunity that I wouldn’t have had somewhere else is really exciting.”