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70 Triton Scholar-Athletes Garner 2018-19 CCAA All-Academic Honors

UC San Diego

LA JOLLA, Calif. - The University of California San Diego had 70 scholar-athletes named 2018-19 California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) All-Academic recipients. The conference announced its honorees on Tuesday morning.

In order to qualify, a varsity student-athlete from a CCAA-sponsored sport must earn a GPA of at least 3.40 for the 2018-19 academic year and have completed a minimum of 36 quarter units. Those graduating mid-year must earn at least a 3.40 GPA in all units taken during their final academic year of attendance, and graduate students and redshirts are not eligible for the award.

This year, a record 897 student-athletes from across the conference received the honor.

UC San Diego CCAA All-Academic Recipients by Year
2018-19 70
2017-18 78
2016-17 78
2015-16 87
2014-15 88
2013-14 83
2012-13 74
2011-12 86
2010-11 84
2009-10 85
2008-09 83
2007-08 79
2006-07 63
2005-06 66

Baseball (7)
Keenan Brigman Junior International Business
Kyle Lucke Senior Physiology and Neuroscience
Preston Mott Senior Pharmacological Chemistry
Arjun Nichani Freshman Data Science
Christopher Schasteen Senior International Business
Steven Schuknecht Junior International Business
Ted Stuka Junior International Business

Men's Basketball (2)
Christian Bayne Senior Communication
Scott Everman Junior International Business

Men's Cross Country (2)
Samuel Blake Senior Computer Science
Elijah Horwitz Sophomore Ecology, Behavior, & Evolution

Men's Golf (2)
Hayden Hui Junior Structural Engineering
Justin Woo Junior Political Science

Men's Soccer (5)
Matt Davis Sophomore Communication
Max Gonda Freshman Economics
Jón Veigar Kristjánsson Sophomore International Business
Jeff Powers Senior Communication
Kelvin Uribe International Business International Business

Men's Outdoor Track and Field (5)
Nick Famolaro Senior Public Health
Makhai Husband Junior Human Biology
Quinn Lydon Sophomore International Studies-Business
Nevin Sarao Senior Human Biology
Evan Shimasaki Sophomore Chemistry

Women's Basketball (5)
Madison Baxter Freshman Human Biology
Kendal Ellenbeck Freshman Human Biology
Sydney Sharp Junior Global Health
Mikayla Williams Junior Public Health
Joleen Yang Senior Human Development

Women's Cross Country (2)
McKenna Lewis Freshman Computer Science
Zoie Valencia Freshman Cognitive Science

Softball (9)
Brittney Baisden Freshman Cognitive Science
Danica Kazakoff Junior Human Development
Kinley Kyro Freshman Human Biology
Isabel Lavrov Sophomore Communication
Maddy Lewis Senior Communication
Mikaila Reyes Junior Physiology and Neuroscience
Brittney Ross-Smith Junior Human Development
Danielle Stedman Junior International Business
Robyn Wampler Sophomore International Business

Women's Soccer (12)
Summer Bales Senior International Studies
Megumi Barber Senior Cognitive Science
Amanda Erickson Sophomore Sociology
Emily Killeen Freshman Structural Engineering
Ashlynn Kolarik Freshman Human Biology
Hana Law Freshman Sociology
Georgia Lodge Sophomore International Business
Caitlin McCarthy Sophomore General Biology
Roni Merrill Sophomore Cognitive Science
Natalie Saddic Junior Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Delaney Whittet Sophomore Communication
Katie Wilkes Music Sophomore

Women's Outdoor Track and Field (12)
Natalie Caraway Senior Human Developmental Sciences
Chelsea Challacombe Junior Mathematics - Computer Science
Crystal Diei Freshman Human Biology
Liana Edgar Sophomore Philosophy
Delani Fish Sophomore Human Developmental Sciences
Ellie Flint Freshman Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience
Elizabeth Hennessy Sophomore Physiology and Neuroscience
Marley Jacobs Freshman Human Biology
Erikka Linn Junior Biology
Megan Mattson Freshman Human Biology
Melissa Seaman Junior Human Biology
Helen Tade  Senior Environmental Systems

Women's Volleyball (7)
Molly Dalziel Senior Human Development
Kayla Evans Senior International Business
Morgan Kissick Senior Physiology and Neuroscience
Susanna Limb Freshman Business Psychology
Alyson Penrose Junior Political Science
Allison Tiegs Senior Communication
Cindy Tran Junior Human Biology


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