Q&A with All-American Stephanie Bocian


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Stephanie Bocian
Stephanie Bocian
Courtesy: Jimmy Gekas/Sideline Studios

The 16th-ranked UC San Diego women’s water polo team opened the season with a win over No. 14 Hartwick and nearly knocked off No. 9 UC Davis, losing in overtime.  The Tritons compete in several tournaments this year, including the upcoming UC Irvine Anteater Invitational.  UCSD has won 19 games in each of the last two years and part of the success can be attributed to junior utility Stephanie Bocian.  The 2008 CWPA All-American led the Tritons with 50 assists last year, as UCSD finished third at the WWPA Championships.  Bocian recently took time to discuss life as a student-athlete on the UC San Diego women’s water polo team.


Q- What goals has the team set this year?


BOCIAN- To win conference (WWPA’s), beat LMU, to be ranked within the top 10 and win the Harper Cup (game against SDSU).


Q- The water polo season is a solid three consecutive months.  What types of conditioning/workouts do you do throughout the season to ensure you are playing your best at the end of the year?


BOCIAN- During season we continue to lift twice a week to maintain our strength as well as do swim conditioning for an hour and half twice a week. We then will do our normal two hours of polo practice six days a week unless we have a game. We do not practice on game days. 


Q- In your time at UCSD, what have been some special road trips/favorite places to play on the road?


BOCIAN- Last season we got to travel to Michigan. It was freezing cold but it was fun to get to go out and play in the snow after games. We also played a tournament out in Arizona last season and our coach surprised us with baseball game tickets.


Q- Have you played any other sports growing up?  Is there another sport that you would like to play?


BOCIAN- I have been in the pool forever! I have been swimming competitively since I was six years old, and playing polo since I was 10.


Q- What were some of the factors in deciding to play water polo at UCSD?


BOCIAN- I felt that UCSD was the perfect fit for me, for multiple reasons. I love the city of San Diego, I felt like the team was a good fit for me, and I knew I would be receiving an excellent education. UCSD is the perfect distance away from home and living by the beach with this weather, who could ask for anything else.


Q- Do you miss anything from your hometown, Riverside?


BOCIAN- You are always going to love/miss your hometown, the familiarity of it is comforting. But if I had to choose what I miss the most it would be my parents.


Q- What is a typical week like for you, leading up to a weekend tournament?


BOCIAN- It is always tough to balance school, polo and a social life. Both my roommates and closes friends are on the polo team with me so luckily I get to see them all the time just by doing my normal activities. We try to keep polo separate from our home lives or else we would all go crazy. When I get in the pool I am focused on water polo and nothing else really comes to mind.


Q- Do you have any or a few favorite games you were a part of at UCSD?


BOCIAN- There have been several exciting games I have been a part of at UCSD. I couldn’t pick just one but I love looking back on intense close games where our team has really pulled together and done some amazing things.


Q- What do you plan on doing with your Human Biology major?


BOCIAN- I know that I would like to work in the health and fitness industry in the future. I am extremely interested in sports medicine and physical therapy but I also have an interest in nutrition and perhaps personal training.


Q- What is your favorite food/place to eat in San Diego?


BOCIAN- El Pescador !!!! followed by frozen yogurt at Froglanders


Q- What song do you need to hear before you get into the pool on gameday?


BOCIAN- I actually don’t have a particular song that I listen to before I get in the pool. I find that I am more relaxed if I am with my teammates hanging out then zoning out on my ipod.


Q- Who is the funniest on the team?  Best Dressed?  Brainiest?


BOCIAN- Our team has so many different personalities that I absolutely love. I couldn’t really pick out who is who. I am constantly laughing around all my teammates.


Q- What other sports do you enjoy attending at UCSD?


BOCIAN- I enjoy attending the basketball games, as well as the men’s water polo games.



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