UCSD Intercollegiate Athletics

Social Networking Websites Policy


Student-athletes, as members of the UC San Diego community, are permitted to have profiles on social networking websites such as MySpace and Facebook provided that:


1.      No offensive or inappropriate pictures are posted.


2.      No offensive or inappropriate comments are posted.


3.      Any information placed on the website(s) does not violate the ethics and intent behind the student code of conduct, the student-athlete code of conduct, and the UCSD Intercollegiate Athletics alcohol and illegal drug policy.


Student-athletes should remember that they are ambassadors of the University of California and always in the public eye.  Content posted by student-athletes at other institutions or even other students on campus may not be acceptable on the profile.  Questions regarding acceptable content should be directed to the head coach, sport supervisor, Assistant Athletic Director of Compliance (Katie McGann, 858-534-8700), or Director of Athletics.


We advise UCSD student-athletes to exercise extreme caution in their use of social networking websites.  Understand that anything posted online is available to anyone including potential employers, graduate programs, scholarship committees, media, as well as predators.


The University, including coaches and administrators, has the right to monitor these web sites.