Q&A with sharp-shooter Meaghan Noud


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Meaghan Noud
Meaghan Noud
Courtesy: Jimmy Gekas/Sideline Studios

The UC San Diego women’s basketball team is off to a 10-2 start, including wins over two ranked opponents.  The Tritons are also undefeated on the road, having won all six non-neutral site games away from RIMAC.  Meaghan Noud has played a large roll for the Tritons, including a buzzer-beater that forced a game into overtime, which the Tritons eventually won.  The Auburn, Calif. native is averaging 8.8 points per game in just over 16 minutes per game.  Noud recently took time after practice to discuss the current season and her path to the UCSD women’s basketball team.



Q- The game-tying buzzer beater against Sonoma State.  Describe that final possession.  When you released it, at what point did you think it was going in?  Who was the first to congratulate you?


NOUD- I think the play was meant to look like the ball was going to Leora.  Because Leora had been double teamed the whole game, I think coach decided that we would have a hard time getting Leora open, and she might never get a good look.  So the play was drawn for me instead.  I went around two screens set by Osier and Ricks, and was passed the ball by Kacie Kostlan.  When I released the ball, I could tell that it was online, but I didn’t know if the depth was right until it went in.  Kacie and Leora were, I think, the first to run over to celebrate.  Next, Osier told me that she loved me.


Q- Have you ever hit a shot like that at any point in your hoops career?


NOUD- No. I don’t think that situation has ever presented itself for me yet.  I have been in a few games like that before, but I have never had to tie a game with a three pointer, or any other shot.


Q- The team is in the middle of a stretch that includes 11-of-15 games away from RIMAC.  Has it been difficult being on the road so much in the early part of the season?


NOUD- There definitely is a difference between playing on the road and playing at home.  Its harder to hit shots in a foreign gym, and we don’t always get the calls that we might get at home.  But games can just as easily be won by aggressive defense and determination, both of which have nothing to do with whether we are home or away.  And I believe our team has proven to be a dangerous team to play because we never give up, and we have the best ability to come back from a deficit of any team I have ever played for.  



Q- After not making the UCSD basketball team in your first two years, you are now an important part of the team.  Did you always think you would be able to contribute to UCSD hoops like you are now?


NOUD- Being cut twice from the same team and by the same coach can definitely drain a player of much-needed confidence.  I find that I still don’t have the self-assurance that I had in high school.  The first year that I was cut was confusing because I had been a recruit since sophomore year in high school, and I had signed the players’ contract.  Then Coach Malone took me back, and I offered to red shirt, so she red-shirted me.  I felt that throughout my freshman year as a red shirt, I could work to improve my game, and I hoped that I could demonstrate my growth to the coach.  But after being cut a second time, I never thought I would ever have another chance to play again . . . . until the coaches changed.  When I heard that there would be a new coach, I instantly had the feeling that I should give myself one more chance.  I knew that it would be a long shot, because I hadn’t consistently played since high school.  But because I was willing to be a part of the team in any way, shape or form, I decided to try out.


Q- With the coaching staff from the Oklahoma area, who on the team does the funniest impersonation of either coach?


NOUD- I think we all enjoy making fun of our coaches’ accents because they are teased by everyone every day.



Q- What is a typical day like for you on the women’s basketball team?


NOUD- Eat. Class. Eat. Practice. Eat. Study. Eat. Sleep.     Repeat


Q- Being from Northern California, was it a difficult decision to come to UCSD?


NOUD-.  I always had my eye on UCSD.  I liked the location, the campus, and the school.  I looked at other schools, but UCSD was my favorite.


Q- What do you enjoy doing off the court?


NOUD- I like to go to movies, shop, and eat good food.


Q- What do you plan on doing with your Biology major after graduation?


NOUD- I plan to go to Medical School anywhere I can get in.


Q- Who on the team could make a great collegiate coach? 


NOUD- I think Meghan McGovern would be a great coach because she is smart, she knows the game, and she can be very inspirational.


Q- Who is the best dressed on the team?  Who tells the funniest stories?


NOUD- Diahnn Futalan has the best fashion sense, but Leora Juster has to be a close second to Diahnn because she is the best with accessories such as hats and gloves.  Without a doubt, Hillary Hansen tells the funniest stories because she embellishes an already-interesting story with such insistence and passion, that the listener has no choice but to take her side.  Its all in the delivery.


Q- Spirit night is Feb. 9.  How much of a lift is it to the team, playing in front of a large crowd?


NOUD- It’s a fun change!  We love the support.




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