Tritons Win Overall Team Award at the Conference Tournament
Release: Saturday 02/24/2007 
Heather Bienefeld
Heather Bienefeld
Courtesy: UCSD

The UCSD Women’s Fencing Team ended their last Conference tournament of the season winning  the Overall Women’s Team Award for the Conference beating out USC, UCLA, UCSB, UCI, CSUF, Arizona State,  and Cal Tech. 

They also brought home the 3 perpetual trophies for foil, sabre, and epee.



Women’s Sabre

The UCSD Women’s Sabre Squad victoriously finished the regular season at Irvine on February 24th.  Going 4-0 for the day, the Women’s Sabre Squad crushed Arizona State, UCLA, USC, and UCSB.  Sophomore Alexa Mareschal finished 11-1 for the day.  Senior Squad Captain Heather Bienenfeld had a record of  10-2 for the day.  Freshman Samantha Rojales finished the day with a 9-3 record. 


At the Conference awards ceremony, the Women’s Sabre Squad had a repeat performance with the best Win/Loss record for the season and was awarded 1st place in the Southern California Conference.   Alexa Mareschal was 3rd in the Individual Standings, while teammate Heather Bienenfeld was 4th.





Women’s Foil

Women’s foilist had another successful tournament easily besting all their opponents.  The toughest opponent they faced  was UCLA who they easily defeated 6-3 .  The  foilists were also victorious over Arizona State, 7-2.  They defeated USC 8-1 and UCSB 9-0.  Sophomore Jen Chun was 11-1 for the day and Junior Emily Lipoma went 10-2. Sophomore Zitin Kachru was 5-1, and Freshman Florence Lee was 4-2.


The women's foil squad ended a great conference season going undefeated and winning the top team place for the third year in a row at  the Intercollegiate Fencing Conference of Southern California championships.  Emily Lipoma was 2nd in the overall individual standings in the conference and teammate Jen Chun was 3rd.



Women’s Epee

Women’s epee defeated 3 of their 4 opponents.  They were victorious over Arizona State, USC, and UC Santa Barbara.  They lost a close bout to UCLA 4-5.

The squad took first place in the season’s team standings, with Sophomore Heather Stephenson taking 3rd in the individual standings.




Women’s Team Scores


UCSD  21   ASU  6

UCSD  22   USC  5

UCSD  17   UCLA 10

UCSD  25   UCSB 2

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