Rainwater Sets School Record at Point Loma Heptathlon on Friday
Release: Friday 03/23/2007 
Freshman Linda Rainwater set a new school record with her score of 2816 at the Point Loma Heptathlon on Friday.
Freshman Linda Rainwater set a...
Courtesy: Brock Scott/Scott Photo

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - Freshman Linda Rainwater set a new school record while finishing third at the Point Loma Heptathlon/Decathlon on Friday. The newcomer from Goleta High School also reached an NCAA provisional mark in only her first heptathlon competition at the collegiate level.

She had a score of 2816 after the first day on Thursday and was in third place after her scores in the 100 hurdles, high jump, shot put and 200 meter dash.

Rainwater maintained her standing after the final three events on Friday, posting a distance of 16'2.5" in the long jump, a distance of 89'4" in the javelin throw and a time of 2:28.89 in the 800 meters.

She finished behind Sara Golcevska of Azusa Pacific who won the event with her total of 4832 points while Kate Alderson of Point Loma finished second with her total of 4590 in the seven events.

Rainwater's new school record eclipses the previous school record of 4470 that was set by Amy Beeman during her senior season in 2006.

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