2007 UC San Diego Triton Invitational - Meet Information



UC San Diego

Triton Invitational


Friday-Saturday, April 20-21, 2007


DEADLINE: Entries will close at 5:00pm Tuesday,  April 17

All Entries must be done on-line at: www.directathletics.com



College Teams:

  • $10 per entry or $300 per gender whichever is less. This pertains only to athletes competing for their college 
  • Collegiate teams will pay fees the day of the meet including fees for redshirts.
  • Redshirt athletes can now be entered through the team accounts but teams will be responsible for paying entry fees on day of meet

Club/ Open/ Unattached athletes:

  • $15.00 per individual entry including relays must be paid at time of registration through  www.directathletics.com.


Top 10 ranked US and Top 50 World ranked athletes may have entry fees waived upon request. This is based on 2006 Track and Field News rankings. E mail asalerno@ucsd.edu to enter as an elite athlete.


No Entries will be accepted after the 5:00 p.m. deadline on Tuesday, April 17. 



No late or day of meet entries will be accepted. No refunds for scratches after entries close.



Fully automatic FINISH LYNX timing system for all track races.



NCAA Rules. No false start rule. All Field events will be measured in metric.



T Shirt Awards will be given to the winner of each event.  In relay events, all team members on the

fastest team overall will receive awards.



All entries are subject to verification by meet management.  All sections are considered Invitational unless indicated otherwise. Competitors will receive 3 attempts each in prelims, with the top 8 advancing to finals for 3 additional attempts.  The Open Sections of the Shot and Discus for both men and women will follow the Invitational. Open sections competitors will receive 4 attempts with no finals. If necessary, later flights of the discus for both men and women will be moved to the infield.  Field event athletes must report to their event 30 minutes prior to event start time. 



Will be done for all throwing events in the South Hallway of the track and field building. Implements will be certified at the event site on Friday.



We will run the number of races needed to accommodate all entries.  Races will be run slowest to fastest with the fastest heat last.  Athletes in track events must report to the clerk located at the tunnel at least 30 minutes prior to their event or they will be scratched.  Athletes will be escorted to the starting line.



Please report any pre-meet scratches to the clerk’s table in the tunnel. If scratches are necessary during the meet, please report them to the clerk.



Start lists will be posted on our website at www.UCSDTritons.com by 5:00pm Wednesday April 18. Please enter legitimate marks from the 2007 season for your athletes. With proper planning and the submission of legitimate marks, we will be able to provide full, competitive fields for everybody.  Any suspicious or unverifiable entry marks will be seeded at the discretion of meet management without notice.



There will be no warm up in the stadium.  The field on the South side of the tunnel will be used for warm-up though space may be limited. 



9 lane track with fully synthetic javelin and high jump approach areas. Pyramid spikes only  -- inch maximum for both field and track events. Spikes will be checked by field event judges and at the clerk's table for track events.  Shower facilities are available at the stadium.  Hammer/Discus facility is on the West side of the track building.



All coaches and athletes should remain in the stands or on the grass on the east side if the track unless you are competing. Please do not set up your "camp" along the pole vault runway or pit at the south end of the track. Team camps may be set-up along the fence on East side of the stadium.



Triton Stadium is located at the corner of Genesee and North Torrey Pines Drive. To reach the stadium, exit I-5 at Genesee Ave. and go west.  At the top of the hill, turn left on North Torrey Pines Rd. and then left again at the first light (UCSD Northpoint Drive ).  Parking is available in the lot to your right.



Parking will be free on Saturday April 21. Parking restrictions will be enforced on Friday April 20. Check at the information booth upon entering campus for parking restrictions. State vehicles displaying E plates are exempt from parking fees.



Athletes in uniform and coaches will be allowed access to the stadium. Spectators will be charged $5.00 for adults, $3.00 for students.



Contact Tony Salerno. e-mail: asalerno@ucsd.edu



We look forward to having you here for another great UC San Diego Triton Invitational!