Photo by: Ken Grosse/UCSD Athletics
Shruti Kamath and the Varsity 8 placed second Saturday.
Strong Showing for Women Rowers in Long Beach
Release: Saturday 03/01/2014 

LONG BEACH, Calif. - The UC San Diego women's rowing team opened its spring season Saturday with four boats earning wins at the the Opening Day Regatta at Long Beach Marine Stadium.

UCSD recorded victories in the Second Varsity 8, Novice 8, Varsity 4 and Second Varsity 4 races. In addition, the Tritons placed second in the Varsity 8 and Second Novice 8 competitions.

UC San Diego competed against crews from Arizona State, Chapman, Long Beach State, UC Irvine and UC Santa Barbara.

The Varsity 8 was comprised of coxswain Katrina Kettler, Shruti Kamath, Nicole Muehlhauser, Kelly Peterson, Caitlyn Belza, Olivia Knizek, Nicole Hammonds, Gabby Pascual-Mead and Katherine Tehaney.

The Second Varsity 8 boat was coxswain Audrey Masuoka, Emma Purcell, Claire Duesdieker, Nicole Arkosy, Hollie Dunn, Jennifer Abramczyk, Natalia Royal, Michaela Kazek and Nicole Werline.

Coxswain Ana Katz, Amber Harris, Lauren Iannetta, Kimberly McCune, Sofia DeWolfe, Sophia Krause-Levy, Jordan Levy, Jennifer Dutton and Madalynne Carattini made up the Novice 8 boat.

The Second Novice 8 crew consisted of coxswain Rachel Diaz, Tatiana Galvez, Kimberly Molina-Navarro, Carolyn Montellato, Lauren Van De Hey, Courtney Breslow, Aya Takahara, Helen Liang and Sara Leontis.

The Varsity 4 was coxswain Catherine Sheffler, Purcell, Duesdieker, Arkosy and Dunn.

Coxswain Nancy Tran, Mhairi London, Jennifer Labruna, Christina Nilles and Charlene Cheung made up the Second Varsity 4.

"Overall, it was a very strong team performance," said UCSD head coach Colin Truex. "As with every race, there are things that went well and things we can improve upon, and I expect that we will see marked improvement from all boats at our next race."

UCSD competes at the Sacramento State Invitational on Saturday, March 15.

Varsity 8
1. UC Santa Barbara, 6:49.5
2. UC San Diego, 6:55.0
3. Arizona State, 7:42.5
4. Chapman, 8:59.7

Second Varsity 8
1. UC San Diego, 7:09.6
2. UC Santa Barbara, 7:12.0
3. UC Irvine, 7:28.5
4. Long Beach State, 7:34.9

Novice 8
1. UC San Diego, 7:10.7
2. UC Santa Barbara (A), 7:27.5
3. Arizona State, 7:36.6
4. UC Irvine, 8:27.4

Second Novice 8
1. Long Beach State, 7:35.3
2. UCSD, 7:39.6
3. UC Santa Barbara (B), 7:56.4
4. UC Santa Barbara (C), 8:01.3

Varsity 4
1. UC San Diego (A), 7:59.0
2. Arizona State, 8:06.9
3. Long Beach State, 8:13.1

Second Varsity 4
1. UCSD (B), 7:46.9
2. UC Santa Barbara, 7:51.7
3. UC Irvine, 8:40.8


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