Photo by: UCSD
Foilist Eduard Zilinskiy goes up against Olympian and 2013 NCAA champion Alex Massialas of Stanford.
Fencers Open 2014 at Western Invitational
Release: Sunday 01/12/2014 

STANFORD, Calif. - The UC San Diego fencing team commenced its 2014 season by competing at the Western Invitational on Jan. 11. The event was hosted by Stanford at the Arrillaga Center for Sports & Recreation.

The UCSD men went 3-1, defeating Air Force (17-10), Caltech (24-3) and Florida (21-6) and losing to Stanford (9-18). Breaking down each squad, foil went 26-10, sabre was 23-13 and epee was 22-14 overall.

Competing in epee for UCSD were Sean Callaghan, Adam Campbell-Kruger, Paul Datta and Luc Ginestet. The foil team consisted of Jeffrey Chan, Keric Moore, Mitchell Shulman and Eduard Zilinskiy. Bryson Abilay, Drew Dickinson, James Gillcrist, Peter Meckling and Travis Tibbitts made up the sabre squad.

The Triton women took on five teams and finished 2-3, picking up victories against Caltech (22-5) and Florida (22-5) while losing against Air Force (12-15), Northwestern (7-20) and Stanford (10-17). The sabre squad posted a 29-16 overall record, foil went 25-20 and epee was 19-26.

UCSD's epeeists were Natalie Chan, Andrea Gory and Laura Hawkins. The foil competitors were Julia Brown, Nicole Chiang, Rosalyn Lim and Alina Marshall. Karinne Caisse, Megan Gesner, Munira Gesner, Isabelle Pinard and Elizabeth Shimei comprised the Tritons' sabre team.

Next up, UCSD competes at the North American Cup, which takes place Jan. 17-20 in Virginia Beach, Va.

UC San Diego 21, Florida 6
Epee 6-3
Todd Kozloski (UF) def. Luc Ginestet (UCSD) 5-4
Paul Datta (UCSD) def. Connor Wallace (UF) 5-4
Michael Goodman (UF) def. Adam Campbell-Kruger (UCSD) 4-3
Todd Kozloski (UF) def. Paul Datta (UCSD) 5-3
Luc Ginestet (UCSD) def. Michael Goodman (UF) 5-3
Adam Campbell-Kruger (UCSD) def. Connor Wallace (UF) 5-1
Paul Datta (UCSD) def. Michael Goodman (UF) 5-4
Sean Callaghan (UCSD) def. Todd Kozloski (UF) 4-3
Luc Ginestet (UCSD) def. Connor Wallace (UF) 5-4
Foil 8-1
Nampon (UF) def. Keric Moore (UCSD) 5-0
Mitchell Shulman (UCSD) def. Darwin Cantero-Munoz (UF) 5-2
Eduard Zilinskiy (UCSD) def. Leandro Durand (UF) 5-0
Mitchell Shulman (UCSD) def. Nampon (UF) 5-1
Keric Moore (UCSD) def. Leandro Durand (UF) 5-1
Eduard Zilinskiy (UCSD) def. Darwin Cantero-Munoz (UF) 5-0
Mitchell Shulman (UCSD) def. Leandro Durand (UF) 5-0
Eduard Zilinskiy (UCSD) def. Nampon (UF) 5-4
Jeffrey Chan (UCSD) def. Darwin Cantero-Munoz (UF) 5-4
Sabre 7-2
Afzal Qureshi (UF) def. Bryson Abilay (UCSD) 5-2
Peter Meckling (UCSD) def. Daniel Machado (UF) 5-1
Travis Tibbitts (UCSD) def. Charles Despointes (UF) 5-2
Peter Meckling (UCSD) def. Afzal Qureshi (UF) 5-4
Bryson Abilay (UCSD) def. Charles Despointes (UF) 5-0
Travis Tibbitts (UCSD) def. Daniel Machado (UF) 5-1
Drew Dickinson (UCSD) def. Charles Despointes (UF) 5-0
Afzal Qureshi (UF) def. Travis Tibbitts (UCSD) 5-2
Bryson Abilay (UCSD) def. Daniel Machado (UF) 5-2

UC San Diego 17, Air Force 10
Epee 6-3
James Salem (AF) def. Adam Campbell-Kruger (UCSD) 2-1
Elias Johnson (AF) def. Sean Callaghan (UCSD) 4-3
Luc Ginestet (UCSD) def. Robert Chado (AF) 5-0
James Salem (AF) def. Sean Callaghan (UCSD) 4-1
Adam Campbell-Kruger (UCSD) def. Robert Chado (AF) 5-2
Luc Ginestet (UCSD) def. Elias Johnson (AF) 5-1
Sean Callaghan (UCSD) def. Robert Chado (AF) 5-1
Luc Ginestet (UCSD) def. James Salem (AF) 5-1
Adam Campbell-Kruger (UCSD) def. Elias Johnson (AF) 5-3
Foil 6-3
Garrett Turley (AF) def. Keric Moore (UCSD) 5-3
Alexander Chiang (AF) def. Jeffrey Chan (UCSD) 5-1
Eduard Zilinskiy (UCSD) def. Daniel Johnson (AF) 5-0
Mitchell Shulman (UCSD) def. Garrett Turley (AF) 5-3
Keric Moore (UCSD) def. Daniel Johnson (AF) 5-0
Alexander Chiang (AF) def. Eduard Zilinskiy (UCSD) 5-3
Mitchell Shulman (UCSD) def. Daniel Johnson (AF) 5-0
Eduard Zilinskiy (UCSD) def. Garrett Turley (AF) 5-2
Keric Moore (UCSD) def. Alexander Chiang (AF) 5-3
Sabre 5-4
Drew Dickinson (UCSD) def. Ryan Redhead (AF) 5-3
Bryson Abilay (UCSD) def. Emiliano Kaptain (AF) 5-3
Matthew Bergstedt (AF) def. Travis Tibbitts (UCSD) 5-2
Ryan Redhead (AF) def. Bryson Abilay (UCSD) 5-3
Drew Dickinson (UCSD) def. Matthew Bergstedt (AF) 5-2
Emiliano Kaptain (AF) def. Travis Tibbitts (UCSD) 5-4
Matthew Bergstedt (AF) def. Bryson Abilay (UCSD) 5-4
Travis Tibbitts (UCSD) def. Ryan Redhead (AF) 5-2
Drew Dickinson (UCSD) def. Emiliano Kaptain (AF) 5-2

Stanford 18, UC San Diego 9
Epee 7-2
Paul Riviere (SU) def. Luc Ginestet (UCSD) 5-3
Ben Riviere (SU) def. Adam Campbell-Kruger (UCSD) 5-1
Jake Harbour (SU) def. Sean Callaghan (UCSD) 5-4
Ben Riviere (SU) def. Luc Ginestet (UCSD) 5-3
Paul Riviere (SU) def. Sean Callaghan (UCSD) 5-2
Adam Campbell-Kruger (UCSD) def. Jake Harbour (SU) 5-2
Ben Riviere (SU) def. Sean Callaghan (UCSD) 5-4
Luc Ginestet (UCSD) def. Kael McInnis (SU) 4-2
Paul Riviere (SU) def. Adam Campbell-Kruger (UCSD) 5-0
Foil 6-3
Alex Massialas (SU) def. Eduard Zilinskiy (UCSD) 5-0
Stephen Aman (SU) def. Keric Moore (UCSD) 5-4
Justin Lee (SU) def. Mitchell Shulman (UCSD) 4-1
Eduard Zilinskiy (UCSD) def. Stephen Aman (SU) 5-0
Alex Massialas (SU) def. Mitchell Shulman (UCSD) 5-1
Keric Moore (UCSD) def. Justin Lee (SU) 5-2
Mitchell Shulman (UCSD) def. James Manson (SU) 4-3
Justin Lee (SU) def. Eduard Zilinskiy (UCSD) 5-2
Alex Massialas (SU) def. Keric Moore (UCSD) 5-2
Sabre 5-4
Daniel Wolfson (SU) def. Bryson Abilay (UCSD) 5-2
David Beam (SU) def. Drew Dickinson (UCSD) 5-1
Peter Meckling (UCSD) def. Cameron Lindsay (SU) 5-2
David Beam (SU) def. Bryson Abilay (UCSD) 5-2
Daniel Wolfson (SU) def. Peter Meckling (UCSD) 5-2
Cameron Lindsay (SU) def. Drew Dickinson (UCSD) 5-4
Peter Meckling (UCSD) def. David Beam (SU) 5-3
Bryson Abilay (UCSD) def. Cameron Lindsay (SU) 5-2
Drew Dickinson (UCSD) def. Daniel Wolfson (SU) 5-4

UC San Diego 24, Caltech 3
Epee 8-1
Sean Callaghan (UCSD) def. Stan Schor (CIT) 5-2
Luc Ginestet (UCSD) def. William Yu (CIT) 5-2
Paul Datta (UCSD) def. John Stauff er (CIT) 5-0
Sean Callaghan (UCSD) def. William Yu (CIT) 5-2
Paul Datta (UCSD) def. Stan Schor (CIT) 5-1
Luc Ginestet (UCSD) def. John Christian (CIT) 5-3
Paul Datta (UCSD) def. William Yu (CIT) 5-0
John Christian (CIT) def. Sean Callaghan (UCSD) 5-4
Luc Ginestet (UCSD) def. Stan Schor (CIT) 5-3
Foil 9-0
Jeffrey Chan (UCSD) def. Matthew Jin (CIT) 5-4
Eduard Zilinskiy (UCSD) def. Anup Kishore (CIT) 5-0
Mitchell Shulman (UCSD) def. Eugene Vinitsky (CIT) 5-0
Jeffrey Chan (UCSD) def. Anup Kishore (CIT) 5-1
Mitchell Shulman (UCSD) def. Matthew Jin (CIT) 5-1
Eduard Zilinskiy (UCSD) def. Eugene Vinitsky (CIT) 5-1
Mitchell Shulman (UCSD) def. Anup Kishore (CIT) 5-0
Jeffrey Chan (UCSD) def. Eugene Vinitsky (CIT) 5-1
Keric Moore (UCSD) def. Matthew Jin (CIT) 5-2
Sabre 7-2
Travis Tibbitts (UCSD) def. Jonathan Schor (CIT) 5-1
Drew Dickinson (UCSD) def. Marco Cruz-Heredia (CIT) 5-1
Harrison Miller (CIT) def. James Gillcrist (UCSD) 5-1
Travis Tibbitts (UCSD) def. Marco Cruz-Heredia (CIT) 5-2
Jonathan Schor (CIT) def. James Gillcrist (UCSD) 5-1
Drew Dickinson (UCSD) def. Harrison Miller (CIT) 5-0
James Gillcrist (UCSD) def. Marco Cruz-Heredia (CIT) 5-2
Peter Meckling (UCSD) def. Harrison Miller (CIT) 5-1
Bryson Abilay (UCSD) def. Jonathan Schor (CIT) 5-2

UC San Diego 22, Florida 5
Epee 6-3
Andrea Gory (UCSD) def. Natasha Hajal (UF) 5-2
Marisa Petrick (UF) def. Laura Hawkins (UCSD) 5-3
Natalie Chan (UCSD) def. Kerrie Durham (UF) 5-4
Natasha Hajal (UF) def. Laura Hawkins (UCSD) 5-1
Andrea Gory (UCSD) def. Kerrie Durham (UF) 5-3
Natalie Chan (UCSD) def. Marisa Petrick (UF) 5-0
Laura Hawkins (UCSD) def. Kerrie Durham (UF) 5-2
Natasha Hajal (UF) def. Natalie Chan (UCSD) 5-2
Andrea Gory (UCSD) def. Marisa Petrick (UF) 5-3
Foil 7-2
O’Ella Houston (UF) def. Alina Marshall (UCSD) 5-4
Rosalyn Lim (UCSD) def. Katie Scott (UF) 5-1
Nicole Chiang (UCSD) def. Mariana Suarez (UF) 5-1
O’Ella Houston (UF) def. Rosalyn Lim (UCSD) 5-3
Alina Marshall (UCSD) def. Mariana Suarez (UF) 5-1
Nicole Chiang (UCSD) def. Katie Scott (UF) 5-1
Rosalyn Lim (UCSD) def. Mariana Suarez (UF) 5-2
Nicole Chiang (UCSD) def. O’Ella Houston (UF) 5-2
Julia Brown (UCSD) def. Katie Scott (UF) 5-4
Sabre 9-0
Megan Gesner (UCSD) def. Dawn Schwartz (UF) 5-1
Munira Gesner (UCSD) def. Kim Truong (UF) 5-1
Karinne Caisse (UCSD) def. Dayna Cohen (UF) 5-3
Munira Gesner (UCSD) def. Dawn Schwartz (UF) 5-2
Megan Gesner (UCSD) def. Dayna Cohen (UF) 5-0
Karinne Caisse (UCSD) def. Kim Truong (UF) 5-0
Munira Gesner (UCSD) def. Dayna Cohen (UF) 5-4
Karinne Caisse (UCSD) def. Dawn Schwartz (UF) 5-4
Isabelle Pinard (UCSD) def. Kim Truong (UF) 5-2

Northwestern 20, UC San Diego 7
Epee 7-2
Dina Bazarbayeva (NU) def. Laura Hawkins (UCSD) 5-3
Andrea Gory (UCSD) def. Juliana Barrett (NU) 5-4
Courtney Dumas (NU) def. Natalie Chan (UCSD) 5-1
Laura Hakwins (UCSD) def. Juliana Barrett (NU) 5-3
Dina Bazarbayeva (NU) def. Natalie Chan (UCSD) 5-1
Courtney Dumas (NU) def. Andrea Gory (UCSD) 5-3
Juliana Barrett (NU) def. Natalie Chan (UCSD) 5-1
Courtney Dumas (NU) def. Laura Hawkins (UCSD) 5-0
Dina Bazarbayeva (NU) def. Andrea Gory (UCSD) 5-4
Foil 8-1
Mikela Goldstein (NU) def. Nicole Chiang (UCSD) 5-2
Charlotte Sands (NU) def. Alina Marshall (UCSD) 5-1
Stephanie Chan (NU) def. Rosalyn Lim (UCSD) 5-2
Charlotte Sands (NU) def. Nicole Chiang (UCSD) 5-1
Mikela Goldstein (NU) def. Rosalyn Lim (UCSD) 5-2
Jen Yamin (NU) def. Alina Marshall (UCSD) 5-1
Charlotte Sands (NU) def. Rosalyn Lim (UCSD) 5-1
Jen Yamin (NU) def. Nicole Chiang (UCSD) 5-2
Alina Marshall (UCSD) def. Mary Spohn (NU) 5-2
Sabre 5-4
Karinne Caisse (UCSD) def. Julia Abelsky (NU) 5-4
Megan Gesner (UCSD) def. Cara Franke (NU) 5-4
Ania Parzecki (NU) def. Munira Gesner (UCSD) 5-1
Karinne Caisse (UCSD) def. Cara Franke (NU) 5-1
Munira Gesner (UCSD) def. Julia Abelsky (NU) 5-4
Ania Parzecki (NU) def. Megan Gesner (UCSD) 5-3
Alisha Gomez (NU) def. Munira Gesner (UCSD) 5-4
Ania Parzecki (NU) def. Karinne Caisse (UCSD) 5-2
Cindy Oh (NU) def. Megan Gesner (UCSD) 5-4

Air Force 15, UC San Diego 12
Epee 7-2
Olivia Prosseda (AF) def. Andrea Gory (UCSD) 5-3
Jessica Steuber (AF) def. Natalie Chan (UCSD) 5-1
Rachael Evans (AF) def. Laura Hawkins (UCSD) 5-4
Natalie Chan (UCSD) def. Olivia Prosseda (AF) 5-4
Andrea Gory (UCSD) def. Rachael Evans (AF) 5-4
Jessica Steuber (AF) def. Laura Hawkins (UCSD) 5-0
Rachael Evans (AF) def. Natalie Chan (UCSD) 5-3
Olivia Prosseda (AF) def. Laura Hawkins (UCSD) 5-0
Jessica Steuber (AF) def. Andrea Gory (UCSD) 5-2
Foil 5-4
Waverly Hock (AF) def. Alina Marshall (UCSD) 5-4
Madeleine Girardot (AF) def. Rosalyn Lim (UCSD) 5-0
Nicole Chiang (UCSD) def. Virginia Long (AF) 5-0
Waverly Hock (AF) def. Rosalyn Lim (UCSD) 5-0
Alina Marshall (UCSD) def. Virginia Long (AF) 5-0
Madeleine Girardot (AF) def. Nicole Chiang (UCSD) 5-1
Rosalyn Lim (UCSD) def. Virginia Long (AF) 5-3
Nicole Chiang (UCSD) def. Waverly Hock (AF) 5-2
Madeleine Girardot (AF) def. Alina Marshall (UCSD) 5-4
Sabre 3-6
Megan Gesner (UCSD) def. Allison Egan (AF) 5-0
Karinne Caisse (UCSD) def. Alyssa Hofelina (AF) 5-2
Munira Gesner (UCSD) def. Desirae Ionata (AF) 5-1
Karinne Caisse (UCSD) def. Allison Egan (AF) 5-3
Megan Gesner (UCSD) def. Desirae Ionata (AF) 5-3
Alyssa Hofelina (AF) def. Munira Gesner (UCSD) 5-2
Desirae Ionata (AF) def. Karinne Caisse (UCSD) 5-3
Munira Gesner (UCSD) def. Allison Egan (AF) 5-1
Alyssa Hofelina (AF) def. Megan Gesner (UCSD) 5-4

Stanford 17, UC San Diego 10
Epee 9-0
Vivian Kong (SU) def. Natalie Chan (UCSD) 5-1
May Peterson (SU) def. Andrea Gory (UCSD) 5-0
Francesca Bassa (SU) def. Laura Hawkins (UCSD) 5-4
May Peterson (SU) def. Natalie Chan (UCSD) 5-3
Vivian Kong (SU) def. Laura Hawkins (UCSD) 5-2
Francesca Bassa (SU) def. Andrea Gory (UCSD) 5-1
May Peterson (SU) def. Laura Hawkins (UCSD) 5-4
Francesca Bassa (SU) def. Natalie Chan (UCSD) 5-3
Vivian Kong (SU) def. Andrea Gory (UCSD) 5-0
Foil 2-7
Nicole Chang (UCSD) def. Julia Klepner (SU) 5-2
Alina Marshall (UCSD) won by default
Eliza Klyce (SU) def. Rosalyn Lim (UCSD) 5-2
Nicole Chang (UCSD) won by default
Rosalyn Lim (UCSD) def. Julia Klepner (SU) 5-4
Alina Marshall (UCSD) def. Eliza Klyce (SU) 5-3
Rosalyn Lim (UCSD) won by default
Eliza Klyce (SU) def. Nicole Chang (UCSD) 3-3
Alina Marshall (UCSD) def. Julia Klepner (SU) 5-2
Sabre 6-3
Avery Youngblood (SU) def. Megan Gesner (UCSD) 5-4
Alexa Rohan (SU) def. Karinne Caisse (UCSD) 5-3
Stephanie Wang (SU) def. Munira Gesner (UCSD) 5-1
Alexa Rohan (SU) def. Megan Gesner (UCSD) 5-4
Munira Gesner (UCSD) def. Avery Youngblood (SU) 5-4
Karinne Caisse (UCSD) def. Isabel Gueble (SU) 5-0
Alexa Rohan (SU) def. Munira Gesner (UCSD) 5-3
Megan Gesner (UCSD) def. Stephanie Wang (SU) 5-3
Avery Youngblood (SU) def. Karinne Caisse (UCSD) 5-2

UC San Diego 22, Caltech 5
Epee 9-0
Laura Hawkins (UCSD) def. Christina Meyer (CIT) 5-2
Andrea Gory (UCSD) def. Talia Minear (CIT) 5-0
Natalie Chan (UCSD) def. Constance Robinson (CIT) 5-1
Laura Hawkins (UCSD) def. Talia Minear (CIT) 5-2
Natalie Chan (UCSD) def. Christina Meyer (CIT) 5-1
Andrea Gory (UCSD) def. Constance Robinson (CIT) 5-2
Natalie Chan (UCSD) def. Lo (CIT) 5-1
Laura Hawkins (UCSD) def. Constance Robinson (CIT) 5-2
Andrea Gory (UCSD) def. Christina Meyer (CIT) 5-2
Foil 6-3
Katie Fisher (CIT) def. Nicole Chiang (UCSD) 5-4
Alina Marshall (UCSD) def. Emilia Hernandez (CIT) 5-2
Rosalyn Lim (UCSD) def. Stephanie Moon (CIT) 5-2
Nicole Chiang (UCSD) def. Emilia Hernandez (CIT) 5-1
Katie Fisher (CIT) def. Rosalyn Lim (UCSD) 5-4
Julia Brown (UCSD) def. Stephanie Moon (CIT) 5-0
Rosalyn Lim (UCSD) def. Emilia Hernandez (CIT) 5-0
Nicole Chiang (UCSD) def. Stephanie Moon (CIT) 5-1
Katie Fisher (CIT) def. Julia Brown (UCSD) 5-3
Sabre 7-2
Shi En Kim (CIT) def. Elizabeth Shimei (UCSD) 5-4
Isabelle Pinard (UCSD) def. Sonia Kim (CIT) 5-1
Munira Gesner (UCSD) def. Bella Guo (CIT) 5-0
Elizabeth Shimei (UCSD) def. Sonia Kim (CIT) 5-0
Munira Gesner (UCSD) def. Shi En KIm (CIT) 5-2
Isabelle Pinard (UCSD) def. Bella Guo (CIT) 5-0
Megan Gesner (UCSD) def. Sonia Kim (CIT) 5-0
Elizabeth Shimei (UCSD) def. Bella Guo (CIT) 5-3
Shi En Kim (CIT) def. Isabelle Pinard (UCSD) 5-1


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