Photo by: UCSD
UCSD's Collette Le Fuel and Chantel Creighton power their way through Northern California waters.
UCSD Gains Confidence at Sacramento Invite
Release: Saturday 03/12/2011 

GOLD RIVER, Calif. - The UC San Diego women's crew team traveled north to race in the Sacramento Invite against the likes of Sacramento State, St. Mary's, Pacific, Sonoma State and Humboldt State on Saturday in Gold River.

Head coach Pattie Pinkerton entered crews in seven races. The Tritons went into the varsity eight race with confidence. They had goals to progress with their stroke per minute. After a slow start, the Tritons found themselves chasing most of the field. Kelly Temes, Alyssa Dixon Word, Collette Le Fuel, Jen Burke, Carolyn Belak, Caroline Baratz, Christina Niffeneger and Chelsea Bollinger battled back into the thick of the regatta and managed to pass Sonoma State to finish in fourth place. 

"We continue to become faster," said Pinkerton. "We need to stick to our racing strategy and be more explosive at the start. We have a lot of confidence and moving forward hopefully we execute the way we'd like to creating optimal racing for all crews."

Host Sacramento State won every race they were in. UCSD's boats finished fourth in the second varsity eight, open four and "B" varsity four. The Tritons finished higher than third in all novice races.

"It's very exciting as a coach," Pinkerton said. "Seeing all of the crews perform the way they did was great. They demonstrated poise and confidence that we can build from. I'm looking forward to the Florida Duals where there will be some great competition."

The Tritons will return to action when they head to Florida Mar. 25-26 to battle in the Division II Florida Duals.

Women's Varsity Eight
1. Sacramento State
2. St Mary's (+12.39 sec of Sac State)
3. Humboldt State (+19.35 sec of Sac State)
4. UC San Diego (+33.06 sec of Sac State)
5. Sonoma State (+33.38 sec of Sac State)
6. Mills (+49.46 sec of Sac State)
7. University of Pacific (+1:46.67 sec of Sac State)

Second Varsity Eight
1. Sac State
2. St Mary's College (+21.83 sec)
3. Humboldt State +25.29
4. UC San Diego +31.69

Lightweight Four
1. Humboldt State
2. California
3. UC San Diego

Open Four
1. Sac State
2. Humboldt
3. St Mary's
4. UC San Diego
5. Sonoma State

"B" Varsity Four (D-II Four)
1. Sac State A
2. Sac State B
3. Humboldt A
4. UC San Diego
5. St. Mary's
6. Humboldt B

Women's Novice Eight
1. Sac State
2. Humboldt +18.84 sec
3. UC San Diego +48.00
4. Mills College +49.08
5. St Mary's +54.5 sec
6. Sonoma State +1:05.27
7. California Lightweights +1.31.3

Womens' Second Novice Eight
1 Humboldt State
2. UC San Diego

Women's Novice Lightweight Four
1. Cal Lights
2. UC San Diego
3. Humboldt State

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