Photo by: UCSD
UCSD's Varsity Four took down LMU on Bellona Creek on Saturday.
UCSD Picks Up Pace in Series of Races with Loyola Marymount
Release: Saturday 04/09/2011 
MARINA DEL REY, Calif. - The UC San Diego women's crew team was back in action on Saturday, racing against Loyola Marymount on Belliona Creek. Due to a very low tide the crews were only able to race 1,500 meters, but the Tritons continued to improve and put pressure on LMU in each race.

The Lions won the Varsity Eight and Second Varsity Eight, while the Tritons earned a victory in the Varsity Four race. After a strong showing at the San Diego Crew Classic last weekend, UCSD's top boat continued to run strong on Saturday, closing to within two lengths of LMU. The Lions would take a slight lead halfway through, however, and never looked back.

"Our goal was to push them down the course, and we did that," head coach Pattie Pinkerton said. "Loyola Marymount represents the speed we need for success at our conference championships, so it was heartening to see that as we begin our speed work.

"We are making inroads on hull speed. Our on-board computers recorded the fastest times we've had all year."

In the Second Varsity Eight, the Lions eased out to an early lead and a race quickly developed between the Triton Second Varsity and Novice crews. The novice boat kept the pressure on and wound up passing their teammates in the final 300 meters.

The Varity Four optioned out of the Second Varsity race and came from behind to put LMU away in the final 200 meters of the varsity four. The Triton Novice Four finished in third place.

"We like racing LMU because it forces us to bring our 'A-game'," Pinkerton continued. "The crews really stepped up today. The varsity had a great performance and forced LMU to put it all out there to beat us. We are still looking for more consistency in the second varsity, so it was thrilling to see the core of that group come back and nail their second race."

UCSD will return to Mission Bay next weekend to square off with Arizona State and UC Irvine in dual races on Saturday at 8:00 a.m.


Varsity Eight
1. LMU 5:26.66
2. UCSD 5:37.63

Second Varsity Eight
1. LMU 5:38.5
2. UCSD Novice 5:50.57
3. UCSD Second Varsity 5:54.66

Varsity Four
1. UCSD Varsity 7:14.22
2. LMU 7:22.4
3. UCSD Novice 7:27.49

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