Photo by: Ken Grosse/UCSD Athletics
The varsity eight boat finished second to UCSB, after overlapping throughout most of the race.
UCSD Competitive in Opening Day Regatta
Release: Saturday 03/03/2012 
NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.- The UC San Diego women's crew team kicked off its spring season Saturday at the Opening Day Regatta, facing competition from UC Santa Barbara, Long Beach State, and UC Irvine. UCSD's novice four B squad placed first in their race, while three additional Triton boats finished second.

UC Santa Barbara was the day's victorious team, capturing four wins, including the varsity eight.

The Triton novice four B boat, led by Mary Elizabeth Bilder and Claire Duesdieker, finished first in their race with a time of 8:26.1. UCSD's novice four A squad finished third behind their teammates.

Overlapping victor UCSB most of the varsity eight race, the Triton varsity eight squad finished two lengths behind the Gauchos to place second, with a time of 7:14. UCSB clocked in at 7:07.

"UCSB has a strong program," said Triton head coach Pattie Pinkerton. "We knew that coming in to today and we were competitive with them, overlapping them in most races."

The UCSD second varsity eight and novice eight boat also finished second in their respective races. The second varsity eight clocked in at 8:06.6, while the novice eight boat finished four seconds behind UCI at 8:27.7.

"I was pretty pleased with the results of the day," Pinkerton said. "It's very early in our season, and though we did some things well, there is a lot of room for improvement. This was our first regatta of the season, and it gave us a good platform to build from."

The Tritons will next compete Mar. 10 at the Sacramento Invite in at Gold River.


Opening Day Regatta
March 3, 2012
Newport Beach, Calif.

Varsity Eight
1. UCSB- 7:07
2. UCSD- 7:14
3. LBSU- 7:21
4. UCI-   7:43

Novice Eight
1. UCSB- 7:25.6
2. UCSD- 7:36
3. UCI-   8:07

2nd Varsity Eight
1. UCSB-  7:44
2. UCSD- 8:06.6

2nd Novice Eight
1. UCI A- 8:23.2
2. UCSD- 8:27.7
3. UCSB- 9:04.5

Varsity Four:
1. UCSB-       8:02.8
2. UCI-          8:16.5
3. UCSD ltwt- 8:47.3
4. UCSD A-    8:55

Novice Four:
1. UCSD B- 8:26.1
2. UCI A-    8:33.6
3. UCSD A- 8:47.3
4. LBSU B-  9:07
5. LBSU A-  9:11
6. UCI B-    9:20



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