Photo by: Ken Grosse/UCSD Athletics
Alyssa Dixon-Word led the varsity eight boat in an overlapping contest with Humboldt State.
UCSD Gains Confidence at Sacramento Invite
Release: Saturday 03/10/2012 

GOLD RIVER, Calif. - The UC San Diego women's crew team faced stiff competition Saturday, battling for one win and two second place finishes in Sacramento. Division I Sacramento State was the overall victor of the contest, capturing five wins on the day. 

The Tritons raced against the likes of Sacramento State, St. Mary's, Mills College, Sonoma State, CAL Lightweights, Pacific and Humboldt State, who finished third at last year's Division II National Championships.

UCSD's lightweight four squad defeated the CAL lightweights in that race. The Triton boat contained personnel Ellen Umeda at the stroke seat, Julie Shen at No. 3, Christine Dey sitting No. 2, Sammi Lowe at bow and coxswain Thuy-Uyen Huynh.

UCSD head coach Pattie Pinkerton tabbed the varsity eight and varsity four contests as being key races for the Tritons.

At varsity eight, the Tritons finished fourth with a time of 7:17.6, fourteen seconds behind Humboldt State.

"We were on target for our seven minute goal," said Pinkerton. "We were also overlapping and in touch with Humboldt, the defending national champs. We were a lot closer with them than we were at this same time last year."

Though the UCSD varsity four boat finished last in their race, clocking in at 8:28.8, Pinkerton was pleased with the result. Mary Elizabeth Bilder, Claire Duesdieker, Katherine Tehaney and Catie Martinez operated that boat, three of whom are rookies. Tehaney is a sophomore.

"It was an entirely new lineup, and they were facing brutal competition- all Division I schools," Pinkerton said. "They did a great job, they just need more experience."

Humboldt's varsity four boat finished second at last year's Division II National Championships.

In addition, UCSD finished second in both the second novice eight and the novice lightweight four races.

"We know we can perform in practice, and we have been performing in practice, so the next step is to do it under pressure," Pinkerton said.

The Tritons will next row March 24 at the Berg Cup, held in Newport Beach.

Sacramento Invite
March 10, 2012
Gold River
Sacramento, Calif.

Varsity Eight
Sac. St.- 6:55.4
SMC- 6:57.6
Humboldt- 7:03.9
UCSD- 7:17.6
Mills- 7:28

Novice Eight
Sac. St.- 7:25.8
Humboldt- 7:36.1
Sonoma St.- 7:50.1
SMC- 7:51.3
Mills- 7:52.5
UCSD- 8:24
CAL Lt.wts.- 8:24.4

2nd Varsity Eight (no times given)
1. Sac St.
2. Humboldt

2nd Novice Eight
Humboldt- 8:02.4
UCSD- 8:15.4
CAL Ltwts.- 9:09.5

Varsity Four
Sac. St.- 7:43.5
Humboldt "A"- 7:52.2
SMC- 8:08.1
Humboldt "B"- 8:16.1
Sonoma St.- 8:20.2
Mills: 8:25.6
UCSD- 8:28.8

Novice Four
SMC- 8:19.1
Sac. St. "A"- 8:20
Humboldt- 8:36.7
UCSD- 8:39.2
Sac St. "B"- 9:06.3
Mills- 9:46.4
SMC "B"- 9:52.2

2nd Varsity Four (no times given)
1. Sac. St.
2. Humboldt "A"
3. SMC
4. Humboldt "B"
6. Sonoma St.
7. Pacific

Lightweight Four (no times given)
2. CAL Ltwts.

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