Q&A with Senior Brad Libuit
Release: Wednesday 04/05/2006 
Courtesy: UCSD

The UC San Diego track and field teams are enjoying outstanding seasons.  UCSD hosts two upcoming meets beginning with the UCSD Triton Invitational on April 21-22.  The meet will be the last for UCSD before hosting this year’s CCAA Championships on May 4-6 at Triton Track and Field Stadium.  Brad Libuit of the men’s team recently reached an NCAA provisional mark in the javelin with his throw of 200’00”.  Libuit also competes in jumping and sprint events.  The senior from San Jose recently had time after class to update the current season and life on the UCSD track and field team.



Q- How did you get started in the throwing and jumping events?


LIBUIT- I came here as a jumper, the triple, high and long jump.  But, I used to play baseball and I took an interest in javelin my freshman year.  The javelin is something that I’ve worked at, and its become one of my strongest events.  I’ve been training in the 100 and have been getting faster each year. 


Q- What are some of your goals this season?


LIBUIT- The last two seasons we’ve finished third in conference and we return a large class this season.  We are hoping to win the CCAA’s, and that’s a huge goal on our team.  Individually, I am hoping to go to Nationals this year in javelin.  Right now I am qualified, but it is not sure that I will go.  I need to keep pushing my mark. 


Hosting the CCAA Track and Field Championships is a huge advantage.  The conditions of each track vary in their own way.  If you are just comfortable out there with your family and friends, it does make a huge difference. 


Q- How has the coaching staff helped you over the years you have been here?


LIBUIT- The coaching staff has been a tremendous positive for me.  With the javelin event, coach Salerno helps me out with much of the technical things.  He is just so knowledgeable and is letting me do the best I can in the events. 


Q- Do you follow any other sports?


LIBUIT- I am really into my siblings teams.  I was hoping my younger brother would come here and play basketball, but it looks like he may be headed to another Southern California school.  I follow a lot of sports.


Q- What types of training do you do?


LIBUIT- I am in the jumper/hurdler group, so each day we will do something different.  We will have sprint days and jumping days.  One day we’ll do an hour of an event like high jump practice.  Then we’ll have conditioning and training.


Q- Was it an easy decision in deciding to come to UCSD?


LIBUIT- I really enjoyed my recruiting trip here.  Everyone from the coaches to athletes really made it feel like a great fit.  The campus is great and what I wanted.  I am glad I made the decision to come here.


Q- You said your siblings are athletic, how about the rest of your family?


LIBUIT- Both of my parents make claims that they were athletic.  My mom has some records awhile ago.  My Grandmother tells me this story about how in the Philippines my great-great-great-Grandfather used to jump over people and I am told there is a village named after his family.


Q- What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?


LIBUIT- That’s a tough question.  I study a lot.  I enjoy spending time with friends and playing other sports in the off season.  I play a lot of fantasy sports.  We play those games for fun, it’s a nice break for bragging rights.


Q- Do you have after graduation plans?


LIBUIT- I am going to UC Hastings College of the Law this next year.  I am not sure where I’m going from there... just living in San Francisco for three years and go from there.  I am from San Jose, so it will be nice to be close to home.  I’ll miss the weather in southern California.


Q- Do you have any routines before your events?


LIBUIT- In an event like high jump, you want to be calm.  Sometimes we’ll stretch with teammates and tell some jokes to keep each other loose.  For javelin, I try to pump myself up as much as I can to get the adrenaline flowing. 


The rules are strict in that you cannot have any music, cell phones, etc... Adam Munns is funny.  He will start randomly break dancing... it’s fun to watch and it keeps everyone loose.


Q- Name some of your favorite places to eat?


LIBUIT- There’s this deli off the corner of Govenor by Vons that has great sandwhiches.  Quizznos and some of the small stores in downtown La Jolla are great.  I also make a lot of my food.


Q- What do you tell incoming student-athletes about UCSD?


LIBUIT- Just being a student-athlete here makes you a well-rounded person.  There is concentration on both academics and athletics.  The track coaches are frequently asking how our classes are going... the importance seems to be almost over what place we are going to finish in the event. 


Q- Have you had a favorite class?


LIBUIT- Latin Dance.  You get to go in twice a week a learn how to dance with girls... it’s just a lot of fun.  Gospel choir was fun too.  I guess you could say those are the two easiest classes I’ve taken. 

I’m an animal science major... I’ve enjoyed classes taught by Foster and Jian.


Q- Did you play any other sports in high school?


LIBUIT- I played basketball... baseball and football earlier on.


Q- Do you like where the UCSD track and field team is at right now?


LIBUIT- Yes.  The women’s team won conference last year and this past fall they won the cross country title.  On the men’s side, my class has had a ton of newcomers come in and contribute, making us very strong.  We have a lot of seniors who are pushing so hard because this is our last year.  Our recruits are so strong too.  This combination has us looking forward to achieve higher marks the rest of the season.


Q- Are there newcomers you enjoy watching compete?


LIBUIT- I mentioned earlier Adam Muuns.  Scott Tsuda is another outstanding freshman.  Tsuda qualified for Nationals and is two inches from the school record in the triple jump... and as a freshman that is amazing... he is only 5-foot-8 ish and destroying me in triple jump.  Dan Byrnes and Eric Musker are doing well...They are all fun to watch and doing well. 





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