Photo by: Ken Grosse/UCSD Athletics
The Triton varsity eight boat edged UCSB by less than a second for first place Saturday.
Triton Rowers Display Strong Showing in Newport Beach
Release: Sunday 03/04/2012 

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.- The UC San Diego men's crew team secured first place finishes in the varsity eight and second novice eight races Saturday at the Opening Day Regatta in Newport Beach. The Tritons also went on to finish second in the novice eight, second varsity/JV eight, and varsity four races.

UCSD competed in six races against boats from UC Santa Barbara, UC Irvine, University of San Diego, Long Beach State, and San Diego State.

The Triton varsity eight boat clocked in at six minutes flat for the win, one half-second ahead of second place UCSB. 

"The varsity eight did pretty well," UCSD head coach Zach Johnson said. "They fell behind and kind of came back on everyone at the end. UCSB looks like they're pretty fast this year, so you've got to hand it to them."

UCSD's second novice eight boat was the other Triton victor of the day, finishing a full 17 seconds ahead of second place UCI.

"The second frosh boat had a very good day today, they rowed very well," Johnson said.

The UCSD varsity four, novice eight, and JV eight boats all captured second place finishes, with times of 6:55.8, 6:05.6, and 6:00.9, respectively. 

But even with second place results, Johnson was not satisfied with the novice eight and JV eight performances, citing bad starts and opponents besting the Tritons in those categories.

"We did pretty well today, but we need to go back to the drawing board," Johnson said.

UCSD will next face Gonzaga and USD Friday, Mar. 16 in Mission Bay.


Opening Day Regatta
March 3, 2012
Newport Beach, Calif.

Varsity Eight
1. UCSD- 6.00
2. UCSB- 6:00.5
3. UCI- 6:03.5
4. USD- 6:13.4
5. SDS- 6:52.2

Novice Eight
1. UCI- 6:03.6
2. UCSD- 6:05.6
3. LBSU- 6:32
4. UCSB- 6:35
5. SDS- 6:51

Second Varsity Eight/JV Eight
1. UCSB A- 5:56.5
2. UCSD- 6:00.9
3. USD- 6:03.1
4. UCI- 6:15.4
5. UCSB B- 6:31.4

Second Novice Eight
1. UCSD- 6:34.9
2. UCI- 6:52
3. UCSB A- 7:06.7
4. UCSB B- 7:36.9
5. LBSU- 7:55.5

Varsity Four
1. UCSB- 6:50.1
2. UCSD- 6:55.8
3. SDS- 7:27.9
4. LBSU- 7:33

Second Varsity Four/JV Four
1. UCSB A- 7:32.3
2. UCSB B- 7:39.8
3. USD- 7:42.7
4. LBSU- 7:44.5
5. UCSD- 7:45.6





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