Photo by: UCSD
The Triton novice eight boat beat out George Washington by four tenths of a second on Saturday.
Tritons Place Second in George Washington Rowing Invitational
Release: Saturday 04/07/2012 

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The UC San Diego men's crew team captured a second place finish at the George Washington Invitational to wrap up the two-day regatta. The Tritons maintained a second place standing on the leaderboard through the weekend, finishing behind Navy in the hunt for the Oliver T. Carr Bowl. UCSD tallied 87 points at the end of the competition, good enough for a second-place standing behind Navy, who earned 114 points.

On Friday, the Tritons' second varsity eight and novice eight squads finished first in their races, propeling the Tritons to a second-place standing on the overall leaderboard after day one. Going head-to-head with crews from Division I Georgetown, both the Triton and Hoya boats finished within ten seconds of each other in each race.

With the help of a 15 MPH cross tail wind, UCSD's second varsity boat clocked a time of 5:50.8, edging Georgetown by just under four seconds. The Hoyas finished behind the Tritons with a time of 5:54.4.

The novice eight was the other UCSD boat to get a win on Friday, in a race where the Tritons faced two Hoya shells. UCSD came in just under six minutes with a time of 5:56.4. Georgetown's "A" boat came in at 6:00.8, and the Hoya "B" boat finished at 6:52.1.

Additionally, the Triton varsity eight finished second in its dual race, trailing Georgetown by just under seven seconds. UCSD clocked a time of 5:47.8, while the Hoyas came in at 5:41.0.

On Saturday, the Tritons kicked off competition against George Washington with results matching Friday's performance. UCSD's second varsity eight and novice eight boats both finished first in their races, while the Triton varsity eight came in second. 

UCSD's novice eight boat captured an exciting win, edging George Washington by four tenths of a second. The Tritons finished in 5:51.50. The second varsity eight, in less of a photo-finish, also won its race, clocking a time of 5:56.30. UCSD's varsity eight finished second to the Colonial boat, finishing in 5:49.40.

In the afternoon, the Tritons faced Cornell for their last contests of the regatta. The Cornell boats swept the UCSD, outpacing the Tritons by at least 15 seconds in each race. In the varsity eight race, UCSD came in at 5:58.00, while Cornell finished with a time of 5:32.60. The Triton second varsity squad posted a time of 5:52.10, while the novice eight trailed Cornell at 5:59.60.

The Tritons will return to the water next weekend for the Pac-12 Invitational at Redwood Shores.

2012 George Washington Rowing Invitational
April 6-7, 2012
Washington Harbour
Washington, D.C.

Day One

Varsity Eight
1. Georgetown 5:41.0
2. UCSD 5:47.8

Second Varsity Eight
1. UCSD 5:50.8
2. Georgetown 5:54.4

Novice Eight
1. UCSD 5:56.4
2. Georgetown "A" 6:00.8
3. Georgetown "B" 6:52.1

Day Two

Varsity Eight
1. GW 5:39.80
2. UCSD 5:49.40

Second Varsity Eight
1. UCSD 5:56.30
2. GW 6:05.40

Novice Eight
1. UCSD 5:51.50
2. GW 5:51.90

Varsity Eight #2
1. Cornell 5:32.60
2. UCSD 5:58.00

Second Varsity Eight #2
1. Cornell 5:39.10
2. UCSD 5:52.10

Novice Eight #2
1. Cornell 5:37.90
2. UCSD 5:59.60


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