Q&A with Eric Leserman
Release: Wednesday 04/09/2008 
Eric Leserman
Eric Leserman
Courtesy: Jimmy Gekas/Sideline Studios

The UC San Diego men’s volleyball team plays its final two matches of the 2008 campaign on April 11-12.  This year has been a record breaking season for the Tritons, both individually and as a team.  The Tritons have won a school single-season record 10 matches, including first-ever wins against UCLA and Pacific.  Defensive specialist Eric Leserman has set individual records in single season digs and career digs, in this his junior season.  The Manhattan Beach native reently took time to discuss the year and what lies ahead for the Triton Volleyball team.



Q- How would you assess this year’s men’s volleyball performance?


LESERMAN- I’m very happy with how the team has done this year. We have done better than any team in the history of UCSD men’s volleyball and that is a great feeling. It shows how hard each member of this team works everyday.


Q- You have set both the single season and career digs marks at UCSD.  Does either rank high on your accomplishments?


LESERMAN- It’s nice to have the individual records, but I care much more about the team record for most wins in a season at UCSD. That is up there in my best accomplishment in volleyball, behind winning two junior national championships.


Q- Which win this year has been the most memorable?


LESERMAN- If I had to choose one, I would say the win over UCLA. UCLA is the most storied team in volleyball, since they have won almost half of the volleyball national championships. It was our first ever win over them, and we played so hard and so well to make it happen.


Q- Losing just one senior from this year’s squad, how do you feel about UCSD’s chances of making the MPSF Playoffs in 2009?


LESERMAN- I expect us to make the MPSF Playoffs in 2009. We are getting Adrian Guthals and Will Ehrman back from injury, as well as a few really good recruits coming in. It should be a very exciting year for us.


Q- What is it like playing in the toughest men’s volleyball conference in the country?


LESERMAN- There is nothing like it. You know that you are playing against the best competition that the United States has to offer. Because of the stiff competition it definitely has its ups and downs, but in the end it is always well worth it.


Q- Did you have a chance to enjoy any non-volleyball related activities on your trips to Hawaii and Illinois this year?


LESERMAN- We got to go snorkeling one morning in Hawaii. The fish were so colorful and we even saw a few sea turtles. It was really fun.


Q- What is your favorite song to listen to during pre-game?


LESERMAN- I really like “Worth Dying For” by Rise Against. It always gets me fired up.


Q- Is there a lot of volleyball experience in your family?


LESERMAN- Actually not. My dad encouraged my twin brother, Scott, and I to try it in middle school because it’s huge in our hometown of Manhattan Beach. We both really liked it and have been playing since. Scott is playing at Vassar College in New York.


Q- Was it a difficult decision to attend UCSD?  Was there one particular difference maker?


LESERMAN- It was very difficult. I really wanted to go to Stanford, but I didn’t get accepted. I then narrowed it down to UCSD and UC Berkeley. The things that sold me on UCSD was it being so close to the beach, as well as it having an NCAA volleyball team rather than just a club team as Berkeley has.


Q- What do you plan to do with your Communications Degree?


LESERMAN- I hope to have a career in marketing. But before I start my “real life”, I would really like to play volleyball professionally in Europe. There are a few people from UCSD who have done it in the past and it sounds like an amazing experience. I should be able to find some use for my communications degree there too.


Q- Which teammate has one of the toughest serves to receive?


LESERMAN- Gerald Houseman. He has a jump float serve that moves all over the place. I’m so happy that I never have to pass it during a match. It is brutal!


Q- What would you tell a perspective student-athlete about possibly attending and playing volleyball at UCSD?


LESERMAN- I would let them know about how much of playing volleyball at UCSD is about academics. I think school at UCSD is much harder than at most schools we play against, especially since we don’t have the excessive tutoring that schools like UCLA and USC have. I would then let them know about how much I have valued my experiences of being on a college athletics team. It is something that is impossible for me to describe, so I would tell them that they would have to experience it for themselves.






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