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The 2012 Softball season has been a fight to the top.  The Tritons have battled their way into their second consecutive appearance in the NCAA Championships and are in the hunt to defend their title as the reigning champions and you can follow all the action right here.  Check back daily for updates on the NCAA Softball Championships from Louisville, KY as the Tritons look to bring a second title home to La Jolla.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


with UCSD senior Kris Lesovsky (CF) and sophomores Kirsten Willmon (LF) and Caitlin Brown (1B)


None of you have ever been to Kentucky; what have been your impressions so far?

Lesovsky-"It's much nicer than I thought it would be and I really like Louisville. I think it's really cool how there's kind of a small-town vibe despite its size and all the things going on."

Willmon-"There's a lot more to do than I expected. We had the chance to go to the Louisville Slugger Museum and Churchill Downs-there hasn't been a dull moment. We've been able to sightsee far more than we normally do."

Brown-"Leaving on a 6:00 AM flight Sunday was sucky but it was worth it to get here when we did. There was no jet lag and allowed us the opportunity to sightsee on Monday. Everything is within walking distance and although there weren't a whole lot of people around when we got here, there was plenty to do."

This year's Championship is part of an NCAA Festival which includes title competition in golf, lacrosse and tennis. What's it been like with those other teams/student-athletes around?

Lesovsky-"Compared to last year when it was just Softball in Salem, VA, it's nicer having a bunch of teams and sports. It's not as awkward as it is when the only other athletes you run into are the ones you're playing."

Willmon-"I think the Festival atmosphere is pretty cool, they have a game room and areas where you see other teams. It's interesting to see them, how they interact and realize their not that different from us."

Brown-"It's nice. I like it but we're all on different schedules and don't have a whole lot of time to hang out. Bottom line, we're here for business. You can ask me about the other stuff Saturday night. This is my second NCAA Championship and I'm glad this wasn't the first because we're not as distracted as we might have been."

For you, what was the highlight of today's first game?

Lesovsky-"Monique's (Portugal) home run. It turned a good inning into a great one."

Willmon- "Just coming out and scoring six in the first inning. Being able to go out on defense in the top of the second knowing we had put up a six spot calmed any nerves there might have been and there was the feeling that 'hey, we can do this.'"

Brown- "We never like to give up three runs in the seventh inning like we did today but it was kind of good in a way. They came back and it woke us up. We know these teams aren't going to roll over for us. We have had difficulty wining the first games of these tournaments lately and the seventh inning was like a slap in the face. It was a reminder that no matter what the score, no team is going to give up. They're all here to win, just like we are."


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