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The top-three finishers from the Varsity 8 A Heat - Bucknell (near), UCLA (far) and UCSD.
Men's Rowing Competes on Opening Day of San Diego Crew Classic
Release: Saturday 04/06/2013 

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - The UC San Diego men's rowing team competed on the opening day of the 40th San Diego Crew Classic Saturday on Mission Bay, advancing all four of its boats to the petit final of their respective divisions.

In the Collegiate Varsity 8, UCSD finished just out of a grand final spot, taking third in its heat with a time of 6:06.10 to place behind Bucknell (6:04.25) and UCLA (6:05.30). The Tritons got off the line late and fell behind early, but a mid-race push took them from a boat length down to even with four strokes to go. They caught a bad stroke in the water and came in third in a photo finish.

"I am very proud of our team," said UCSD head coach Zach Johnson. "They fought in a close, two-second race against two teams that out-power us and have more experience. We are making huge strides."

The Tritons will now compete in the Cal Cup petit final, scheduled for 9 a.m. Sunday. Also on the start line will be Bates, Oklahoma City, Santa Clara, the University of San Diego and Washington State.

UCSD's roster is very young this season, as evidenced by the make up of the Varsity 8 crew - two freshmen (John Buda, Scott Kennedy), three sophomores (coxswain Sean Dougherty, Brendan Stainfield, Forrest Sundquist) and four juniors (Zach Antunes, Zack Attaran, Mark Bennett, Kyle Wilson).

UCSD's JV 8 crossed the finish line in 6:32.46, good for third place behind Cal "A" (6:06.77) and Cal "B" (6:18.31). The petit final will be held Sunday at 8:30 a.m.

The Novice 8 petit final was held Saturday evening, with the Tritons finishing second in 6:33.50. The University of San Diego posted a winning time of 6:26.57. UCSD made its way into the petit final by placing third behind Stanford and Gonzaga in a heat race earlier in the day. 

Finally, the Tritons took fourth in their Open 8 heat with a time of 6:44.99. Two UCSD alumni boats will also compete in Sunday's petit final at 7:30 a.m.

UCSD was competing Saturday for the first time since March 15. 

In 2012, UCSD's JV 8 won the petit final. The Varsity 8 finished third in the petit final of the prestigious Copley Cup, the Novice 8 placed fourth in the grand final and the Tritons took sixth in the grand final of the open division.

Sunday's races will be covered by a fee-based live video stream.

40th San Diego Crew Classic
April 6, 2013
Mission Bay

Men's Collegiate Varsity 8 (Cal Cup)
Heat A
1. Bucknell 6:04.25
2. UCLA 6:05.30
3. UCSD 6:06.10
4. Santa Clara 6:20.76
5. Sacramento State 6:23.12
6. Vanderbilt 6:23.33
7. Arizona State 6:33.09

Men's Collegiate JV 8 (Sharp Cabrillo Cup)
Heat A
1. Cal A 6:06.77
2. Cal B 6:18.31
3. UCSD 6:32.46
4. UC Santa Barbara 6:40.16
5. Washington State 6:47.47

Men's Collegiate Novice 8 (Derek Guelker Memorial Cup)
Heat B
1. Stanford 6:21.90
2. Gonzaga 6:27.81
3. UCSD 6:30.94
4. UCLA 6:48.73
5. USC 6:50.22
6. Santa Clara 7:26.86

Men's Collegiate Novice 8 (Derek Guelker Memorial Cup)
Petit Final
1. University of San Diego 6:26.57
2. UCSD 6:33.50
3. San Diego State 6:37.43
4. Washington State 6:39.47
5. British Columbia 6:44.12
6. USC 6:44.18

Men's Open 8 (Joan Ward Memorial Trophy)
Heat A
1. California Rowing Club 6:05.09
2. Stanford Alumni 6:36.79
3. UC Santa Barbara A 6:40.56
4. UCSD 6:44.99
5. University of San Diego 6:51.71
6. UCSD Alumni A 7:17.75

Heat B
1. Cal 6:15.80
2. Riverside BC 6:32.16
3. UCLA 6:57.05
4. Portland State 7:01.03
5. UCSD Alumni B 7:06.86
6. UC Santa Barbara B 7:12.10


UCSD Race Schedule
Sunday, April 7

7:30 a.m. - Men's Open 8 Petit Final (Joan Ward Memorial Trophy)
7:40 a.m. - Women's Open 8 Petit Final (Carley Copley Cup)
8:30 a.m. - Men's Collegiate JV 8 Petit Final (Sharp Cabrillo Cup)
8:50 a.m. - Women's Collegiate DII/DIII/Club Varsity 8 Petit Final (San Diego Zoo and Safari Park Cup)
9 a.m. - Men's Collegiate Varsity 8 Petit Final (Cal Cup)
11:30 a.m. - Women's Collegiate DII/DIII/Club Novice 8 Grand Final
11:40 a.m. - Women's Collegiate DII/DIII/Club Varsity 4+ Grand Final
11:50 a.m. - Women's Collegiate DII/DIII/Club Varsity 8 Grand Final (San Diego Zoo and Safari Park Cup)

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