Photo by: Ken Grosse/UCSD Athletics
Austin West, along with partner Devon Sousa, continued their winning ways Saturday at UCSB.
Sousa and West Win Doubles Title at UC Santa Barbara Classic
Release: Saturday 11/12/2011 

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The UC San Diego squad of Devon Sousa and Austin West continued its strong fall play Saturday as the duo defeated a team from Division I UC Santa Barbara to win the doubles title at the UCSB Classic.

Sousa, a sophomore, and West, a junior, took down Gauchos Mathieu Forget and Mbonisi Ndimande by a score of 8-6 to claim the doubles crown in Flight A.

Sousa and West opened the tournament Friday by dispatching Josh Barnard and John Bertram of Westmont, 8-4. They then took down Nicholas Bjerke and Sebastian Bustamante of LMU, 9-7, to earn a spot in Saturday's final against Forget and Ndimande.

Earlier in the season, Sousa and West won the USTA/ITA West Regional doubles championship to punch their ticket to the National Small College Championships.

Also in Flight A action Saturday, Tritons Kona Luu and Max Jiganti defeated LMU's Robin Kiyabu and Alex Wilton, 8-4, in the seventh-place match. On Friday, they lost their first match, 8-2, against Forget and Ndimande and were then edged, 9-8, by Kiyabu and Wilton.

In singles play, which began Saturday, West and Chapman Chan both won their first match-ups in Flight A. West downed LMU's Wilton by scores of 6-4, 6-7 (14-12) in a hard-fought win, while Chan topped Daniel Simko, also from LMU, 6-2 and 6-2. West and Chan were defeated in their second round matches.

Jiganti won a singles match in Flight B, while Guy Giubilato and Trevor Dell each won a Flight C match.

UCSD is now finished with its fall campaign and will open its regular season on Saturday, Feb. 4 by hosting Hope International and Redlands.


A Flight Doubles
Austin West/Devon Sousa UCSD def. Josh Barnard/John Bertram Westmont 8-4
Nicholas Bjerke/Sebastian Bustamante LMU def. Axel Bouillin/Alex Johnson UCSB 8-2
Mathieu Forget/Mbonisi Ndimande UCSB def. Kona Luu/Max Jiganti UCSD 8-2
Tim Goranson/Bryan Cox Westmont def. Robin Kiyabu/Alex Wilton LMU 8-1

West/Sousa UCSD def. Bjerke/Bustamante LMU 9-7
Forget/Ndimande UCSB def. Goranson/Cox Westmont 8-4

Bouillin/Johnson UCSB def. Bernard/Bertram Westmont 8-5
Kiyabu/Wilton LMU def. Luu/Jiganti UCSD 9-8

B Flight Doubles 
Mons Knudtzon/Ziad Sultan UCSB def. Sam Ling/Trevor Dell UCSD 8-3
Max Glenn/Alexander Gryaznov UCSB def. Dickey/Lorentsen Westmont 8-0
Knudtzon/Sultan UCSB def. Gerrit Dickey/Jack Lorentsen Westmont 8-1
Glenn/Gryaznov UCSB def. Ling/Dell UCSD 8-4



A Flight Doubles
West/Sousa UCSD def. Forget/Ndimande UCSB 8-6
Bjerke/Bustamante LMU def. Goranson/Cox Westmont 8-2
Bouillin/Johnson UCSB def. Bernard/Bertram Westmont 8-5
Luu/Jiganti UCSD def. Kiyabu/Wilton LMU 8-4

B Flight Doubles
Knudtzon/Sultan UCSB def. Glenn/Gryaznov UCSB 8-2
Ling/Dell UCSD def. Dickey/Lorentsen Westmont 8-2

A Flight Singles
Ndimande UCSB def. Goranson Westmont 7-5,6-0
Chapman Chan UCSD def. Daniel Simko LMU 6-2,6-2
West UCSD def. Wilton LMU 6-4,6-7 (14-12)
Bouillin UCSB def. Bryan Cox Westmont 6-2,6-4
Ndimande UCSB def. West UCSD 6-2,6-2
Bouillin UCSB def. Chan UCSD 6-4,7-6
Goranson Westmont def. Wilton LMU 6-4,4-6 (10-8)
Simko LMU def. Cox Westmont 7-6,6-0 (10-8)

B Flight Singles
Kiyabu LMU def. John Bertram Westmont 6-0,2-6 (10-5)
Sultan UCSB def. Ling UCSD 6-3,6-4
Jiganti UCSD def. Gryaznov UCSB 6-1,6-4
Johnson UCSB def. Barnard Westmont 6-3,6-2
Sultan UCSB def. Kiyabu LMU 6-1,5-7 (10-4)
Johnson UCSB def. Jiganti UCSD 6-2,6-0
Bertram Westmont def. Ling UCSD 6-4,6-4
Gryaznov UCSB def. Barnard Westmont 6-3,6-1

C Flight Singles
Mons Knudtzon UCSB def. Luu UCSD 6-2,6-2
Guy Giubilato UCSD def. Gerrit Dickey Westmont 6-0,6-3
Max Glenn UCSB def. Sousa UCSD 4-6,6-2 (10-6)
Dell UCSD def. Jack Lorentsen Westmont 6-1,6-1
Knudtzon UCSB def. Giubilato UCSD 6-2,3-6 (10-7)
Glenn UCSB def. Dell UCSD 6-2,7-6
Sousa UCSD def. Lorentsen Westmont 6-0,6-3

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