TAC Team Challenge 2010-11
Release: Thursday 10/22/2010 
FALL 2010 Standings (FINAL)

Women Pts.
Men Pts.
1. Basketball 43
1. Crew
2. Tennis 38
2. Track & Field
3. Water Polo
3. Cross Country
4. Softball
4. Basketball
5. Cross Country
5. Swimming
6. Crew
6. Volleyball 17
7. Track & Field
7. Tennis 16
8. Swimming 16
8. Baseball 15
9. Volleyball 9
9. Golf
10. Soccer
10. Water Polo
11. Fencing 0
11. Soccer 1

12. Fencing 0

TAC Team Challenge Winners (Winter 2011)

                                Men's Golf                                                                                Women's Tennis

TAC Team Challenge Rules

The Triton Athletes' Council will sponsor three Team Challenges each quarter with the objective of getting as many student-athletes as possible out to the designated home athletic events.

There will be a competition among the 23 teams to see which can bring the highest percentage of its roster out to the Team Challenges. There will be a separate Team Challenge competition for each of the three quarters and it will work like this.

  • Each team will be ranked at each individual event based on the percentage of its current roster that attends
  • The top team at each event will receive 15 pts., second place 11 pts., third place 10 pts. and so on down to the last team (men's & women's division)
  • The total number of team points for the combined three events will determine the final standings for each quarter
  • At the end of the year, the results of the three quarters will be combined to determine the overall standings for the year
  • If a team does not have any representatives at a particular Team Challenge, it does not receive any points
  • Teams hosting a Team Challenge do not receive any points for that event unless any of the non-hosting teams have zero attendance. In that instance, the hosting team will receive one point.
  • The prize for the team winning the year long TAC Team Challenge is still to be determined.
  • Standings will be updated on the TAC website as well as the display case adjacent to the Athletic Training Room

Friday, April 18
M Crew at Day One
7:00 AM
Redwood Shores
Track & Field at Day Two
11:45 AM
Baseball at San Francisco State
12:00 PM
San Francisco
Softball at Humboldt State
1:00 PM
Track & Field vs. Soka Peace Invitational (discus/hammer)
1:00 PM
UC San Diego
W Tennis vs. Cal State Stanislaus
2:00 PM
UC San Diego
Softball at Humboldt State
3:00 PM
Baseball at San Francisco State
3:30 PM
San Francisco
W Water Polo vs. San Diego State
6:00 PM
UC San Diego
Saturday, April 19
M Crew at Day Two
7:00 AM
Redwood Shores
Track & Field at Soka Peace Invitational
10:30 AM
Aliso Viejo
Softball at Humboldt State
11:00 AM
Baseball at San Francisco State
11:00 AM
San Francisco
Softball at Humboldt State
1:00 PM
Monday, April 21
M Golf at Day One
All Day
Gatorade Pong
TAC Chipotle fundraiser