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"Which postseason event is better, the NHL Playoffs or the NBA Playoffs?"


Men's Crew                         Sophomore

Palo Alto, CA                       Palo Alto H.S.              Mechanical Engineering (Sixth)

NBA because there's more scoring, games tend to be closer than in the regular season and it's just more exciting. I'm a Golden State Warriors fan and since they didn't get the last playoff spot, I'll be rooting for whoever is playing the Lakers.


Swimming & Diving                                    Senior

Santa Clara, CA            The Kings Academy            Communications (Roosevelt)           

NHL-I think there's a lot more energy and it's a more physical game than basketball. It's exciting to be rooting for your hometown. Unfortunately, the San Jose Sharks weren't around very long this year.  




Women's Soccer                        Junior

Huntington Beach, CA            Edison H.S.                        Communications (Sixth)

NHL. Actually, I just don't like the NBA. It's more like a celebrity sport, more money driven. In hockey there's more passion and it's a more physical sport.




Associate Athletic Director                                  

Fort Collins, CO                        Graduate of UC Santa Barbara

Since I wasn't born in Canada, I'll go with the NBA.

The NBA... I love this game. Its that simple.

I prefer balls to pucks...

Michael Jordan didn't play hockey.

The Lakers are the main attraction at the Staples Center, not the Kings. Wake me when that changes.

I don't know too many kids in China wearing Sidney Crosby jerseys.


A.J. Wolfson

Baseball                                     Redshirt Freshman

Laguna Hills, CA                        Sage Hill School            Economics (Marshall)

NHL playoffs. Here are my top 5 reasons...
1. Fighting is legal
2. No one is named Meta World Peace
3. Beards.
      a) The Mysterious Red Beard - Lanny McDonald
      b) The Hobo - Mike Commodore
      c) The Grandpa - Scott Niedermayer
      d) The Babyface - Sidney Crosby
4. Don Cherry
5. The Kardashians don't go to NHL games