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"What are you going to be for Halloween this year?"


Baseball                                                          Sophomore
Chula Vista, CA (Bonita Vista H.S.)                  Undeclared (Warren College) 

“I am going to be Squints (Palledorous) and my girlfriend is going to be Wendy Peffercorn from the Sandlot because it's unique and everyone loves The Sandlot”

Women’s Soccer                                              RS Freshman
Laguna Hills, CA (Laguna Hills H.S.)               Human Development/Muir College)

“Well I haven't put too much thought into that yet but I was actually considering being a lamb. Some of my teammates call me ‘lamb.’ Lambs are interesting little animals and I thought it'd be pretty funny if I just accepted my inner lamb”




Men’s Water Polo                                             Junior
La Jolla, CA (La Jolla H.S)                              Environmental Engineering (Revelle College)

“This year I'm going to be Jimmy Neutron. He is one of the only cartoon characters that I can relate to intellectually and my hair looks exactly like his."


Men’s Basketball                                              Sophomore
Covina, CA (Northview H.S.)                            Management Science (Warren College)

“I was thinking about either dressing up as NBA All-Star Paul George or maybe even as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. And to be honest, I just hope I get a lot of candy!”